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Santorum, Romney nearly neck and neck in Az

Poll results released Saturday by the American Research Group show that the gap is narrowing between Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney in Arizona, where Romney had until now enjoyed a significant advantage.... Read more»

Poll: Romney opens up lead over Santorum in Az primary

Mitt Romney's lead over Rick Santorum has widened among Arizona Republican voters, leading 42-29 percent, a new poll showed. But many Republicans have already cast their ballots in the election. Arizona's primary is Tuesday, but early voting has been going on for weeks.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Is birth control the new third rail of politics?

Who knew 21 little pills could wield such power in a presidential election?... Read more»


Facts get mauled in Mesa GOP debate

The four GOP candidates met in Mesa for another debate, and mauled a few facts. Santorum claimed earmarks were done in an "open" process; Romney said dispensing morning-after pills to rape victims was "voluntary" for Catholic hospitals; Gingrich kept on claiming he balanced federal budgets that Congress approved after he resigned.... Read more»

At GOP debate viewing party, cheers, boos and protests aplenty

Among the hundreds attending this city’s viewing party for Wednesday’s GOP presidential debate, some of the strongest reactions were over the issue of immigration.... Read more»1

Political views also heard outside GOP debate

Political views weren't only being heard inside the Mesa Arts Center where Republican presidential hopefuls gathered to debate Wednesday night — they could be heard outside, as well.... Read more»

Donations from Mesa, Gilbert fuel Romney’s edge in Az

Mitt Romney has a strong lead so far among Arizonans who have opened their wallets in support. And donations from residents of Mesa and Gilbert, cities with large Mormon populations, are a big part of that.... Read more»

Super PACs out-raise candidates, thanks to super donors

Thanks to a small number of wealthy individuals, the outside spending groups known as “super PACs” that are working to put the four leading GOP candidates in the White House collectively raised more than the candidates themselves in January.... Read more»

Obama tops 50% mark against GOP rivals

An Associated Press-GfK poll released Wednesday puts President Barack Obama past the 50-percent favorability mark against all Republican contenders.... Read more»

Mesa in national spotlight with GOP debate

For better or worse, Arizona’s third-largest city is making national headlines. On Wednesday, four men vying for the Republican presidential nomination will debate in the heart of Mesa’s downtown.... Read more»

Santorum denies comparing Obama to Hitler

Rick Santorum now enjoys a 10-point advantage over Mitt Romney among registered Republicans nationwide, but he found himself denying he had compared President Barack Obama to the German dictator Adolf Hitler in remarks he made on Sunday.... Read more»1

Romney barely tops Santorum in Az primary poll

Arizona's presidential primary race is close, with Mitt Romney having a slight lead over Rick Santorum, 36-33 percent. Newt Gingrich is third with 16 percent of GOP primary voters, and Ron Paul trails at 9 percent, a new poll shows.... Read more»8

Smart v. Stupid

The GOP's worst enemy is its candidates

The GOP's worst enemy is its candidates. Santorum may be the slightest, but all the remaining Republican contenders come up short. Even so, the anti-sex constituency is very, very small.... Read more»2

Fact check: What’s the 'real' jobless rate?

Sorting through the election season's unemployment spin to find the 'real' unemployment rate.... Read more»

Poll: Santorum leads GOP contenders

According a new poll released Saturday, Rick Santorum for the first time has taken the nationwide lead in the GOP race for the presidential nomination, opening a 15-point gulf between himself and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.... Read more»

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