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National Parks the focus of planned haze rule

By November, the EPA is supposed to complete a plan that could regulate emissions from dozens of Texas’ industrial plants, with the goal of reducing haze at parks.... Read more»

Saguaro Nat'l Park waiving entrance fees for MLK weekend

Visitors to Saguaro National Park can enter for free this weekend, as the cactus-studded park joins other national park units in honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.... Read more»

McCain changes tune on support for Grand Canyon air tours

A quarter century has elapsed since Sen. John McCain championed a law to restore “natural quiet” in the Grand Canyon where the clatter of choppers and small planes reverberated as they ferried sightseers. Today, he defends air tour operators — including one of his biggest campaign backers — against what he sees as overzealous restrictions... Read more»2

Guest opinion

Grijalva: Conservation wins big one at Grand Canyon

It's not too dramatic to say the Grand Canyon has been under siege from mining claims for several years now. That's why June 20 was such a big day in the history of American conservation. Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said he will recommend withdrawing more than 1 million acres around the Canyon from mining claims for the next 20 years.... Read more»

Feds extend mining-claim ban near Grand Canyon for 6 months

More than 1 million acres of government-owned land surrounding the Grand Canyon is off-limits to new mining claims until Dec. 20.... Read more»

Park Service wants to restrict flights over Grand Canyon

The National Park Service wants to cut the annual number of tourist flights over the Grand Canyon by 30 percent, one of several proposals aimed at reducing aircraft noise heard on the ground.... Read more»

Shutdown would mean financial hit for Grand Canyon tourism

For businesses in Flagstaff, a city surrounded by national parks and monuments that draw tourists from all over the world, the possibility of a shuttered Grand Canyon National Park is hard to swallow.... Read more»

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Grijalva: Destroying economy to save it

Republicans who control the House have proposed what's called a "continuing resolution" - not quite the same as a real budget - to keep the government running. The resolution includes drastic cuts to more programs than I can name, and it's important to understand what that means.... Read more»1

'America the Beautiful' coins

New quarters to feature Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon will be one of the first sites featured on “America the Beautiful” quarters to be released next year. State officials and tourism experts hope that exposure will mean extra silver for businesses that depend on visitors.... Read more»

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