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Petrified Forest official uneasy about mines planned nearby

The head of the Petrified Forest National Parks is quick to explain that the vistas stretching toward the Painted Desert hold hundreds of million years of history, from fossils of dinosaur ancestors to ancient dwellings. These days, however, his focus is increasingly on what’s beneath the wind-swept terrain.... Read more»

House bill would nix Grand Canyon mining ban

A House subcommittee Thursday voted to nullify the Interior Department’s recently extended ban on new mining claims on more than 1 million acres of federal land around the Grand Canyon.... Read more»

History shafted in Grand Canyon mines

Four miles down the Grandview Trail and over a half-mile below the rim of the Grand Canyon, there are many reminders of the miners that worked here at the turn of the 20th century. These remnants are now tougher for visitors to see, as the National Park Service just completed a project to close off several of the mines.... Read more»

Big Bend cross-border park faces twisting path

Border security issues are hampering plans to create an international park by combining Big Bend National Park in Texas with protected areas in Mexico.... Read more»