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GlobalPost investigation: Massacre in Cairo

When security forces killed 51 supporters of ousted President Mohamed Morsi outside a military installation in Cairo on July 8, the army said its troops fired on protesters to defend themselves. But a series of interviews reveals a much darker version of events. ... Read more»

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Egypt: Muslim Brotherhood accuses military of 'massacre' after Morsi supporters shot dead

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood has accused the military of a "massacre" after more than 50 of its supporters were shot dead during a sit-in in Cairo. ... Read more»

Egypt: Hazem el-Biblawi to be interim prime minister

Egypt has picked economist Hazem el-Biblawi to be its interim prime minister, a government spokesperson said. Mohamed ElBaradei is expected to be interim vice president. ... Read more»


Why Egypt matters to the U.S.

As the keystone state in the region, the fate of the Egyptian revolution will have a decisive impact on other countries whose stability and future is hanging in the balance. ... Read more»

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: Ballot proposition roundup

Interviews with Mark B. Evans, administrator of, GOP state House candidate John Christopher Ackerley, and Middle East expert Dr. Stephen Zunes.... Read more»

Franks defends request for probe of Muslim infiltration of gov't

U.S. Rep. Trent Franks, R-Glendale, this week defended his call for an investigation into the influence of Muslim groups on government organizations, even as the proposal came under more fire.... Read more»

Mubarak on life support, Egypt's media reports

Egypt's state media reported on Tuesday that Hosni Mubarak, the country's deposed president, is on life support after suffering a stroke.... Read more»


Egypt's run-off election: Nightmare in Tahrir Square

For the largely secular, liberal activists in Egypt who spearheaded the anti-Mubarak uprising, the country's presidential election it is a difficult and some say demoralizing predicament.... Read more»

Mubarak convicted, sentenced to life for Arab spring killings

Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian president ousted in last year's Arab Spring uprisings, has been convicted of involvement in the murder of nearly 1,000 protesters and sentenced to life in prison.... Read more»

Egypt goes to polls, Muslim Brotherhood triumphant

As final election returns are tallied in Egypt, the people have spoken and the resounding message is clear: “Don’t underestimate the Muslim Brotherhood!”... Read more»

The hidden feminine side of Egypt's revolution

If not for a group of Egyptian women leading the way to Tahrir Square last Jan. 25, the revolution might never have begun.... Read more»

Officials fired after Egypt soccer riots that killed 74

Egyptian Football Association officials, along with officials in Port Said, have been fired following the riots after Wednesday’s soccer match between Al Masry and Al Ahly, in which 74 people died.... Read more»

With democracy in mind, Yemen's youth are leading revolt

Of the 162 demonstrators killed since the protests began in Yemen three months ago, the vast majority have been young men in their early 20s, some in their teens.... Read more»

Mass protests erupt across Syria, despite army presence

Military stationed around Damascus and other cities failed to deter thousands of demonstrators from rallying to demand the ouster President Bashar al-Assad.... Read more»


Who are the Libyan opposition?

An overview of the Libyan opposition and the roles of extremism and tribalism in Libya’s transition.... Read more»

Think again

'Follow the money' on NPR chief's leaving

Deep Throat’s advice worked for Woodward and Bernstein, and it remains useful today. Take a look at the major stories of the day. Most often, they are portrayed in the media as clashes of personality first and ideology second. But almost always, they are, at bottom, about money.... Read more»

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