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Rogue Columnist

If Alabama can go D, what about Arizona?

The Deep South has not elected a Democratic senator since 1992, but Alabama drew the line against a wildly unqualified Roy Moore on Tuesday. The natural question for readers here is, If this can happen in Alabama, why not in Arizona?... Read more»1

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Az political parties pick leadership: Dems reelect chair, GOP votes for new leader

Arizona's main political parties held organizing meetings over the weekend, with the Democrats and Republican each holding meetings in Phoenix to pick this year's statewide leadership. Democrats dealt with accusations of financial improprieties, while Republicans were riled by statements about Mormon "cronyism."... Read more»

Rogue Columnist

Brewer tells the truth on Hispanics and voting

The progressive echo chamber had quite a fit when Jan Brewer brushed off the suggestion that Hispanics would cause Clinton to win Arizona. "Nah. They don't vote," she said. But she told the truth. Rare for her, perhaps unprecedented, but accurate for once.... Read more»3

Bizarre voting trends emerge again in Colorado City

Hundreds of voters in Colorado City made nearly identical choices when casting ballots in the November 2014 election, continuing a bizarre trend where a block of voters didn’t choose any candidate in some races, but voted almost 100 percent for an individual candidate in others.... Read more»1

Meet the Romneys of Mexico

They farm, own big houses and pray in a lavish Mormon temple. But they regret that cousin Mitt Romney has never visited. ... Read more»

Yuma prison park examines polygamist inmates

Among the murderers and other criminals in Yuma Territorial Prison in the mid-1880s, prominent Mormons were also incarcerated. Their crime? Polygamy. ... Read more»2


Top 10 things to know about Utah's demographics and immigration policies

In advance of Utah’s Republican primary Tuesday, here are 10 important facts about immigrants and people of color in the state that display their significant economic, cultural, and electoral power.... Read more»1

Obama campaign bullish on Arizona, but experts say odds long

Since the days of Harry S. Truman, only one Democratic presidential candidate has won in Arizona: Bill Clinton, seeking a second term in 1996. But despite the state’s reputation as a GOP bastion and Mitt Romney’s advantages here, President Obama’s campaign is suggesting that it can win Arizona in November.... Read more»

Comic: Politics

March Madness

It was a big day for Mormons Tuesday.... Read more»

Donations from Mesa, Gilbert fuel Romney’s edge in Az

Mitt Romney has a strong lead so far among Arizonans who have opened their wallets in support. And donations from residents of Mesa and Gilbert, cities with large Mormon populations, are a big part of that.... Read more»

Mesa in national spotlight with GOP debate

For better or worse, Arizona’s third-largest city is making national headlines. On Wednesday, four men vying for the Republican presidential nomination will debate in the heart of Mesa’s downtown.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

The GOP's worst enemy is its candidates

The GOP's worst enemy is its candidates. Santorum may be the slightest, but all the remaining Republican contenders come up short. Even so, the anti-sex constituency is very, very small.... Read more»2

Mormon church apologizes for baptizing Jewish dead

Mormon church leaders have apologized to the family of the late Holocaust survivor and Jewish rights advocate Simon Wiesenthal after a researcher discovered that his Jewish parents were posthumously baptized by Mormon church members in Arizona and Utah.... Read more»


Understanding the Mormon faith

An interview with scholar Joanna Brooks about the Mormon faith and politics, political coverage of religion, history of the LDS Church, and the progressive Mormon tradition.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

That's a wrap, evangelicals

In a post-Citizens United world, has unlimited money ended the need to pander to evangelicals? ... Read more»1

Comic: Politics

God Bless

It is that most fundamental of questions, more basic even than the question of whether or not there is a god. The question is: Net? Or gross?... Read more»

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