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The Irish village that’s built a cottage industry as Obama’s ancestral home

Barack Obama’s approval ratings have plunged to George W. Bush levels of unpopularity, with half of Americans saying they don’t like the job he’s doing. But if that news has the president feeling low, he can always take heart that at least one place in the world will always be glad to welcome him home. That would be this tiny County Offaly village in central Ireland that’s built a cottage industry around its unlikely status as the ancestral home — well, an ancestral home — of the 44th president.... Read more»

Obama connects with Irish roots

The Irish people like to boast that no American president since Nixon has won re-election without visiting Ireland in the first term. In the footsteps of Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, President Barack Obama came not just to find his Irish roots but perhaps to prepare the ground for his return to the White House.... Read more»

Irish town awaits Obama visit

President Barack Obama lands in Ireland Monday to begin a week-long tour of Europe. Before he jumps into issues of politics and economic turmoil, he will make his first stop in Moneygall, a small village from where his ancestors hail.... Read more»1