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Comic: Politics

More about chairs

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney visited the White House Thursday for lunch with President Barack Obama.... Read more»

Think again

Our trivial political media, continued...

Politico rarely does anything to illuminate the issues, clarify the questions facing voters, or even shed much light on the characters of the respective candidates—any of which is usually the justification for such contentless coverage.... Read more»


Time to legalize our 11 million undocumented immigrants

True immigration reform that deals practically and responsibly with the 11 million people living in the United States without immigration status has proven elusive over the past decade.... Read more»2

Everything we know (so far) about Obama’s Big Data tactics

For the past nine months, we’ve been following how political campaigns use data about voters to target them in different ways. Now, members of the campaign are starting to open up about what their team actually did with all that data.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Something died on Election Day

What’s that smell? A whole lotta conservative memes rotting on the trash pile of history – that’s what.... Read more»

Border Roundup: Autopsy released in BP Agent Ivie's shooting death

Reports released in Border Agent Nicholas Ivie’s shooting death, youths shot at U.S-Mexico border remembered, three Arizona sheriffs stay in office and one county gets a new one, U.S. elections reverberate across Mexico, and more.... Read more»

Obama, Grijalva reelected, Barber/McSally too close to call

U.S. Rep Raul Grijalva, on his way to a sixth term with a win over GOP challenger Gabriela Mercer, said “the people of Arizona are essentially decent and good people.” While Democrats cheered loudly at the news of Obama’s reelection, while local Republicans booed and broke up their party early.... Read more»3


The (Election) Hangover

The campaign is over. The election is decided. It feels anticlimactic.... Read more»

Obama wins second term

Electoral College map: President Obama has been reelected, easily winning a second term.... Read more»

Poll: Despite short shrift, Mexico would stick with Obama

If they could vote in the US election, 58 percent of Mexicans would re-elect Barack Obama but many are disappointed with his handling of the drug war, immigration and trade relations, says a new survey.... Read more»1

Infographic: Who funded Obama and Romney?

President Barack Obama raised far more money via direct contributions, but Gov. Mitt Romney’s campaign edged ahead via “outside spending” — including super PACs largely enabled by the Citizens’ United Supreme Court decision which now allows corporations, unions and issue advocacy organizations unlimited campaign spending.... Read more»

Presidential election 2012: 5 more nail-biters

This presidential election is definitely down to the wire, but it isn’t the first time America has seen a close call.... Read more»

Whoppers of 2012: Biggest falsehoods from the presidential race

We taking a look at the most egregiously false and misleading claims from the entire presidential campaign.... Read more»


Ohio: The campaign endgame

Ohioans may be forgiven for thinking that they are the only game in town as Election Day nears. Now, allegations are swirling that Ohio votes will be counted using experimental software, maintained by a firm with ties to Romney.... Read more»

Mystery firm is election's top corporate donor at $5.3 million

The biggest corporate contributor in the 2012 election so far doesn’t appear to make anything — other than very large contributions to a conservative super PAC.... Read more»

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