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To protect service members, Defense Dep't plans ban on high-cost loans

Acknowledging that a previous law did not go far enough, Defense Department said it needs to expand rules to protect service members from high-cost lenders. ... Read more»

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Our Fallen: Tucsonans killed in Iraq and Afghanistan wars

After a decade of war, dozens from Tucson and Southern Arizona have died in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. ... Read more»2

Pentagon overhauls effort to identify its missing

The restructuring promises to address many of the problems laid out in a recent ProPublica and NPR investigation. ... Read more»

A little-known policy helps military spouses stay in U.S. legally

Maria Quiring’s son was just months old the day the deportation notice arrived at her El Mirage home. Despite her marriage of five years to a U.S. Air Force serviceman, Quiring was ordered back to her native Mexico. Had a Department of Homeland Security policy called Parole in Place not found her a loophole, Maria Quiring would not be where she is today, watching her now 5-year-old son J.J. assemble a Hungry Hungry Hippos game on the floor.... Read more»

Immigration backers keep pressure on House with rallies, conferences

Phoenix resident Hassan Quiz had passed all the tests toward his dream of being in the military when he ran up against one he couldn’t pass. Quiz was brought to this country illegally as a child, making him ineligible to serve in the U.S. military. So Wednesday, he and eight other illegal immigrants who had been turned away from the service did military-style drills in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol, hoping to get a message to Congress.... Read more»

Drone makers gather to defend their much-maligned machines

“I have some d-word difficulty,” said Michael Toscano, president and CEO of the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International, a trade group for makers and enthusiasts of robots of air, land and sea. The d-word, of course, is drones.... Read more»

Sequestration nation: military communities feel nation's budget stress

Fort Campbell is fighting a battle on the home front: automatic federal budget cuts — known as sequestration — set in motion after Congress and the White House failed to agree on other ways to shrink U.S. deficits. ... Read more»

The most important #muckreads on rape in the military

The Pentagon announced this week that a sergeant working in the military’s sexual assault prevention office had been charged with — you guessed it — sexual assault. This news came just a week after the officer in charge of the Air Force’s rape prevention program was arrested for sexual battery. ... Read more»

Sandblasting, painting final steps toward creating state World War II memorial

In a west Phoenix industrial area, Master Sgt. Kelly Dugan and a team Arizona Air National Guard volunteers scrape rust from gun barrels that once graced the USS Arizona and USS Missouri.... Read more»

Once a giant, Russia struggles in the small-arms market

The birthplace of the Kalashnikov is looking to new markets to make up for shrinking military sales. You may be surprised where most exported AK-47s end up. ... Read more»

In weak economy, more college grads enlisting in military

In a weakened economy, more college graduates are signing up as enlisted personnel. Although college degrees are normally associated with officers, nearly 6,000 recruits with bachelor’s degrees enlisted in the Army last year, a 57 percent increase from 2008.... Read more»

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: GOP candidates McSally and Mott

CD2 Republican candidate Martha McSally, plus GOP LD9 state Senate candidate Tyler Mott, and developer Richard Studwell.... Read more»

Congress can’t say no to military pay raises

While civilian salary increases have slowed to a crawl in the last five years, a new Pentagon report shows rapidly-growing military payrolls have proved immune to the economic pain felt in the private sector. In many cases, soldiering now pays much better than civilian work.... Read more»

Active-duty military offered annual passes to nat'l parks

Beginning Saturday, active-duty military can receive a free annual pass that gives service members and their dependents access to more than 2,000 public land sites, including America's national parks.... Read more»


Top 10 things to know about military compensation

The Pentagon’s personnel budget is composed of three major items: pay, retirement, and health care. These costs have nearly doubled in the past 10 years and now consume one-third of the baseline defense budget. If they continue growing, these costs will begin to divert funds from other critical national security initiatives such as training and modernization.... Read more»

CD 8

Military brass take shine to Sitton

As the CD8 GOP primary race nears Election Day, Dave Sitton addressed a room of about 30 people who would make an impressive "who's who in Tucson-area retired brass" list on Monday evening.... Read more»8

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