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Judge permanently blocks Trump move to withhold funds from 'sanctuary cities'

A federal judge has ruled that the Trump administration's order forcing cities to comply with immigration officials or lose funding is “unconstitutional on its face” and blocked the White House from enforcing the policy nationwide. ... Read more»

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Tucson’s hybrid city elections upheld by full 9th Circuit

A federal appeals court reaffirmed Tucson’s hybrid city election system, rejecting Republican claims that it violates the one-person, one-vote principle. The full 9th Circuit said Tucson's elections – in which Council members are nominated by ward and run at-large in the general election – is allowed under the federal system that “permits ‘innovation and experimentation.’”... Read more»1

Romero trips over Az law in email backing minimum-wage boost

City Councilwoman Regina Romero appears to have violated Arizona laws that prohibit using government resources for electioneering, as she called on recipients of her Council office email newsletter to vote "yes" on a ballot initiative that would increase the state minimum wage and mandate sick leave.... Read more»

Judge nixes Republican case to overturn City Council election

A Superior Court judge ruled Monday against a request by a pair of Republican candidates who sought to be declared the winners of last month's Tucson election. Kelly Lawton and Margaret Burkholder won their East Side wards, but lost in landslides in the total vote count.... Read more»

Court hears GOP suit to overturn City Council election

A Superior Court judge will rule within a week on a lawsuit by a pair of Republican candidates who are seeking to be declared the winners of last month's Tucson election. Kelly Lawton and Margaret Burkholder won their East Side wards, but lost in landslides in the total vote count.... Read more»

City Council appeals 9th Circuit election ruling

The City Council voted Tuesday to appeal last week's ruling of a 9th Circuit panel that found Tucson's election system unconstitutional. The Council also discussed moving ahead with putting changes to elections on the ballot for voter approval.... Read more»

Republicans sue to be declared Council winners

Even though they lost the city-wide vote, two of the three GOP candidates for City Council are asking a judge to declare them the winners, based on a 9th Circuit ruling that Tucson's elections are unconstitutional. Kelly Lawton and Margaret Burkholder won their East Side wards, but lost in landslides in the total vote count.... Read more»1

What the Devil won't tell you

Reading up on why Tucson's zoning examiner quit

The city of Tucson's zoning enforcement officer resigned this week, citing "political interference" from the City Council. Here are a few cases in which City Hall switched-up the determinations made by Linus Kafka.... Read more»2

What the Devil won't tell you

Details show bus strike disaster was much ado about nothing

Game ball to Mike Ortega. Finally given rein to push a deal, he figured out how to settle the Sun Tran strike so both sides walked away feeling like they won something. And he did it without much long-term cost to the city. ... Read more»2

Update: City officials say they're pressing for end to bus strike

City Manager Ortega said Wednesday that he and other officials have pressed the private management of Sun Tran to negotiate with striking bus drivers. "I have asked, suggested, told TransDev that they need to be at the table."... Read more»2

Crowd-control measure pulled from Council agenda

A proposed city ordinance that would have increased police powers in crowd control situations — and would have outlawed wearing masks at demonstrations — has been pulled from the agenda of Tuesday's Tucson City Council meeting for further consideration.... Read more»

Ortega tapped as new Tucson city manager

A Southern Arizona native, Michael Ortega, was named as the next Tucson city manager. The current Cochise County administrator is expected to start in June, Mayor Jonathan Rothschild said Friday. ... Read more»1

Council puts off manager pick, tipsters say deal in works

Hours of discussion, in public and behind closed doors, led to no final decision Wednesday on who will be Tucson's next city manager. A citizens committee interviewed the two finalists but wasn't overly impressed with either, and the City Council met in private, emerging to instruct the city attorney to "proceed as directed in executive session."... Read more»2


City Hall fights transparency in manager search

The search for a Tucson city manager is proceeding, with the Council having winnowed down a list of candidates. Who those potential municipal CEOs are, we don't know. And despite that list being a public record, no one at the city will tell us — or you.... Read more»5

City Council sets new priorities for TPD enforcement of SB 1070

The City Council unanimously approved limits on the ability of Tucson police to question the immigration status of those they encounter, while also creating new reporting requirements for the department during a special study session on Wednesday. ... Read more»2

Judge tosses year shift for Tucson elections

A judge has nixed a state law that would have required Tucson and Phoenix to change when their city councils are elected, issuing a permanent injunction blocking the Legislature's attempt to require charter cities to move their elections to even-numbered years. (with full ruling)... Read more»3

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