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What the Devil won't tell you

Actors in Bus-A-Geddon have every incentive to let Sun Tran strike happen, again

If past is prologue, talks over a new Tucson transit deal are going to get ugly as labor and management resume their dance. Sun Tran's contract with the Teamsters will run out July 31, and the parties aren't talking much about if they're even talking. Will the city move to forestall yet another bus strike?... Read more»5

What the Devil won't tell you

Tucson sales tax referendum confirms erosion is no hoax

Stuff breaks. Erosion happens. Things cost money. These are the realities prompting Prop. 101, the sales-tax bump going before city voters in just a few weeks.... Read more»

2017 could bring a lot of talk about increasing sales taxes

Tucson and Pima County residents could see up to four proposals for sales-tax increases next year — to pay for for road repairs, police and fire equipment, preschool subsidies and property-tax cuts.... Read more»1

Tucson losing two more municipal department heads

Two more top jobs at city departments will be vacant soon, as planning chief Ernie Duarte and HR head Curry Hale are resigning. Duarte will become the CFO at Salpointe Catholic High School, after three decades of work for the city. Hale, hired this spring to run Human Resources after a year as interim director, spent about 15 years with the city.... Read more»