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Mexican military seen as best weapon against cartels

Despite uncertainty south of the Rio Grande in the aftermath of the killing of one of Mexico’s most brutal warlords, recent successes against organized crime suggest military intervention remains the best option there, according to the former deputy director of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.... Read more»

Drug legalization gains support in Central America

Guatemalan President Otto Perez has invigorated the drug legalization debate in Central America, where leaders are under pressure to contain staggering crime rates and battle violent drug cartels.... Read more»2

Texas police to train Mexican cops

Weeks after taking office in January, the mayor of the Mexican city of Nuevo Laredo sought advice from the sheriff of Webb County, just across the Texas border, asking what assistance he and his colleagues could provide.... Read more»

U.S., Mexico dollars short in intercepting drug cash

For drug cartels, smuggling money south of the border is a high-dollar, high-volume proposition. A new report contends that not only are the methods undertaken by the U.S. and Mexico falling short but that neither comes close to knowing how much is earned from the drug trade.... Read more»

Ambassador: U.S. & Mexico seize only 3-5% of drug money

Despite their best efforts, the U.S. and Mexican governments are successful in seizing only 3 to 5 percent of the billions made annually by drug cartel operations that do business in both countries, said the U.S. Ambassador to Mexico.... Read more»

Immigrant prosecutions on rise under Obama

Immigration and Customs Enforcement referred 4,145 cases for prosecution in March and April, the highest number since 2005, when the agency was created.... Read more»