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McCain diagnosed with aggressive, deadly brain cancer

U.S. Sen. John McCain has been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer, following surgery to remove what testing showed was a glioblastoma tumor last Friday. Few patients with that type of cancer survive more than 12-15 months, even with surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.... Read more»

McCain has blood clot removed from brain by Mayo surgeons

U.S. Sen. John McCain had a two-inch blood clot removed from his brain above his left eye on Friday. Surgeons at the Mayo Clinic in Phoenix performed the operation, which required a craniotomy near his eyebrow.... Read more»

Experts: More than half of Az cancer cases are preventable

Experts offered lawmakers some grim statistics Wednesday on cancer in Arizona, including a forecast of 11,400 deaths this year and a 50 percent increase in cancer cases by 2050. However, one figure offered some hope: More than half of cancer cases here could be prevented by lifestyle changes such as not smoking and exercising more.... Read more»

Az docs taking steps toward Parkinson's disease test

Two Arizona doctors are reporting strides in developing the first diagnostic test to detect Parkinson’s disease, a devastating and chronic neurological disorder. They found that examining a portion of a person’s saliva gland may allow doctors to diagnose the disease.... Read more»

Arizona studies envision telemedicine’s future on smartphones

Until now, telemedicine has largely involved capital-intensive studios and cameras isolated to one area of a hospital. But the Mayo Clinic and a University of Arizona center dedicated to telemedicine are pioneering work aimed at moving care to smartphones.... Read more»

What are we feeding our children?

The Tucson Food Dude, Kevin Hall, adds a local perspective to growing national concerns about what we feed our kids.... Read more»