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Facebook’s secret censorship rules protect white men from hate speech, but not black kids

A trove of internal documents sheds light on the algorithms that Facebook’s censors use to differentiate between hate speech and legitimate political expression. ... Read more»1

Zuckerberg-backed group spins on immigration

A group with ties to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg hijacks the credibility of news organizations in a misleading ad that supports a bipartisan immigration overhaul bill. The ad, featuring Sen. Marco Rubio, attributes several quotes to media outlets, but the quotes come from opinion pieces written by backers of the immigration bill.... Read more»

Border news roundup

Immigration bill released amid security, economic concerns

The Gang of Eight debuted their immigration reform bill; New York dairy farmers, religious leaders and tech industry leaders including Mark Zuckerberg weighed in on the debate; Mexico faces law enforcement challenges and business opportunities.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

Why income inequality is a losing issue and how to fix it

Most Americans don’t care about income inequality. But they do want everyone to get a fair chance.... Read more»

Comic: Wall Street

The Facebook

Anyway, Facebook shares will be priced at $38, valuing the company at $104 billion.... Read more»

Carlos Slim again tops Forbes billionaires list

Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim has again topped Forbes magazine's annual list of the world's billionaires. ... Read more»

Zuckerberg takes hit from Facebook security flaws

Mark Zuckerberg's private photos — of him at home with girlfriend Priscilla Chan, meeting Obama ... holding a live chicken by the legs — have leaked onto the internet following the discovery of yet another security Facebook flaw.... Read more»

Can a Spanish rival out-compete Facebook?

Even as Facebook’s reach grows, executives at Spain's Tuenti are betting that their more intimate, privacy-minded social network can take on Facebook and carve out a niche in the countries around the world.... Read more»

Facebook apps leaked personal information

A flaw in Facebook involving nearly 100,000 applications allowed advertisers access to wall posts and other personal information.... Read more»