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Weekend music

Elegant Rabies will rock you in heaven

The post-punk elegies of Tucson band Elegant Rabies, plus Yacht Rock, the return of Weezy, a tip of a hat to a certain Mr. Kevin and more in your TucsonSentinel.com weekend music roundup.... Read more»

Weekend music

'Getting angry about stupid things': Uncovering Distortionists' fuzzy musical motivations

Tucson rockers the Distortionists may have come together as a punk cover band, but have cranked things up into an original full-tilt act. Plus, an evening with Steve Kilbey & Amanda Kramer, and a rush of local music releases in your TucsonSentinel.com weekend music roundup.... Read more»

Louise Le Hir grows up in public

While Le Hir has been at the helm of always intriguing sounds, the imminent release of her first solo album shows her to be among the first of Tucson’s current underground scene to graduate past the influences of 1960s psych and garage, ‘70s krautrock and ‘90s shoegaze into an astonishingly nuanced and mature work. The decades of reference may be the same, but the substance belongs only to Le Hir.... Read more»