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Being Camilla: Duchess of Cornwall survives an attack

A car containing Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker-Bowles was attacked in London Thursday by protesters objecting to university fee hikes.... Read more»

London Underground: In search of cool

There’s no scientific proof that London is the coolest city on Earth, but it is. I recently set off in search of London’s epicenter of cool.... Read more»

The music capital you've never heard of

You probably think of London as Britain’s musical capital: It is where musicians get discovered, where music moguls sit in skyscrapers and decide on the next big thing, and where artists land the elusive record deal. But a smaller city has knocked off London’s crown.... Read more»

Opinion: Gloom and doom in U.S. news

Gloom and doom sell books. Bad news sells newspapers and grabs television viewers. Especially bad news about America and dire predictions about where the country is heading.... Read more»1


British Conservatives eye Big Brother

This is not going to be your grandfather's Conservative Party in Britain anymore. Being forced to enter into coalition with the Liberal-Democratic Party — even though the Liberals won only a fraction of parliamentary seats — the new leadership is in the process of shaking up Britain.... Read more»

Zombie pedestrians make for road kill in Toronto

In Toronto and its suburbs, 14 pedestrians were struck by vehicles and killed in a four-week period – the highest one-month total in a decade. In one incident, a 28-year-old mother was killed, while pushing her baby in a stroller, when a driver ran a red light. ... Read more»1

Top 10 loser bombers who failed in spectacular fashion

Our list of the top-10 "loser bombers" – well, nine of them would-be bombers whose equipment, strategy, conviction or brains failed them when it mattered most, and one (very) amateur Kamikaze pilot.... Read more»

Opinion: Media bias and Israel-Palestine

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's refusal to stop building Jewish homes in Arab east Jerusalem and the West Bank has become a major obstacle to peace talks with the Palestinians and severely strains relations with President Barack Obama's administration. That's a simple statement of fact.... Read more»

Poet Ted Hughes to be memorialized in Westminster

France may have its painters, Italy its art and opera, and German culture its matchless composers. But for England it’s poetry, and Westminster Abbey is where the immortals are memorialized.... Read more»


Results of Britain's election up in the air

Three months ago the assumption was the Conservatives would win Britain's elections easily. But, according to the latest polls, it is now possible that none of the main political parties will win a majority, there will be a hung parliament and the Queen will have to choose a minority government.... Read more»

Scandal threatens Britain's conservatives

With elections approaching, Labour signals it will take advantage of questions about Lord Ashcroft's tax status.... Read more»

Sexporting an image of American women

"When we think of American girls, we think of pillow fights and girls running around half-naked," laughed Nir Meir, a 28-year-old Israeli from Tel Aviv. Young Israelis see American women just like the women seen in movies about "typical" college life, he said.... Read more»

Vulnerable bloggers

More libel suits coming from abroad

PHOENIX – Dr. Zuhdi Jasser isn’t reluctant to criticize those who support terrorism, but now he's being threatened with libel - from someone who lives in the Middle East.... Read more»

Gallery review

Firestone Gallery premieres paintings by Brit Andy Burgess

On Jan. 23, Tucson gallery owner Eric Firestone premiered “Get What You Want,” a collection of new collages and paintings by British artist Andy Burgess. ... Read more»

Analysis: London Conference

No new solutions for Afghanistan

The much-vaunted London Conference on Afghanistan ended less with a bang than a whimper, albeit a very diplomatically worded one. It was supposed to chart a new course for Afghanistan’s relations with the world and set up a framework for peace negotiations.... Read more»

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