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Making choices: Live Theatre Workshop's 'The Cripple of Inishmaan'

An earnestly entertaining and professionally judicious production of Martin McDonagh's "The Cripple of Inishmaan" has opened a six-week run at Live Theatre Workshop. ... Read more»

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Live Theatre Workshop

Play puts one man’s life on the line

Actor/playwright Bill Epstein's autobiographical “My Life In Sports” takes an unusually frank look at domestic bliss and disaster. Catch it if you can — the short run opened last weekend and closes with matinee and evening performances on Saturday. ... Read more»

Live Theatre Workshop

'Boeing, Boeing' takes flight again

Set somewhere between the invention of Playboy and the early Kennedy era, “Boeing, Boeing” sees a playboy, Bernard, juggling three fiancés. The trick is that all three are flight attendants for different airlines, which works until the faster Boeing 707 aircraft disrupts his carefully synchronized love life. ... Read more»

Live Theatre Workshop

LTW's 'Search for Signs of Intelligent Life' yields promising results

Originally written for actress and comedian Lily Tomlin and tautly and hilariously scripted by Jane Wagner, Tomlin’s longtime partner, Live Theatre Workshop’s latest production does a lot of riffing on the nature of humanity through its multiple characters.... Read more»

Live Theatre Workshop

'Lobby Hero' opens doors to moral issues

Unlike other Tucson theatre companies, Live Theatre Workshop starts its season in June, when most other arts organizations have just ended theirs and are taking a summer break. This season, LTW opened with “Lobby Hero,” a gritty exploration of ethics, leavened by a romantic comedy subplot.... Read more»

Etcetera at Live Theatre Workshop

Wordless skits deliver comedy in LTW's 'MixTape'

“MixTape,” as its name implies, is an amalgamation of skits, rather than a traditional play. The show of mime, dance, vaudeville and commedia dell'arte was conceived, written and performed by Matt Walley and Angela Horchem, with original music by Michael Martinez.... Read more»

Live Theatre Workshop

Predictable arcs undercut 'Collected Stories'

Live Theatre Workshop’s "Collected Stories" has two fine actresses who manage the drama’s balancing act of competing character arcs: one rising, one falling. The production features lots of intensity and and a script that circles long before reaching an unresolved conclusion.... Read more»

Live Theatre Workshop

'Mauritius' puts theatrical stamp on hot philatelic grift

An exciting drama and wry comedy about a small group vying for a rare stamp worth millions. Along the way, we encounter greed, duplicity, old debts and a hint of violence. ... Read more»

Live Theatre Workshop / Beowulf Alley Theatre Company

Very different families: A drinking comedy and a druggie tragedy

In “The Cocktail Hour,” set in a comfortable, upper class living room circa 1970s, son John spars with his fussy curmudgeon father. “Sins of the Mother ” offers a modern spin on Greek tragedy in a son’s retribution for his wronged mother. One is is acerbic and amusing, the other dark and engaging.... Read more»

Live Theatre Workshop

'Death and the Maiden' offers ambiguous truth

“Death and the Maiden” by Ariel Dorfman is not a play given to easy or prepackaged answers - by design, it forces us to examine our own ideas of truth and justice. ... Read more»

Etcetera at Live Theatre Workshop

Appreciating Death through 'Wit'

Contemplation of Death in the abstract is one thing; the physical reality of death is something much more difficult and personal. Live Theatre Workshop's 'Wit' has a smart, compelling structure matched by an emotionally draining narrative.... Read more»

Live Theatre Workshop

'Reckless' offers funny, bizarre holiday comedy

“Reckless” is an odd-shaped dark chocolate confection – not particularly sweet, more than a little bitter and very dark, indeed. This Live Theatre Workshop production doesn’t defy logic as much as embrace the surreal.... Read more»


Theatre: Musicals, major Brits, 9/11 & more

9/11 memorials, Bernstein, Shaw and Stoppard are among the shows hitting Tucson stages in September with the start the fall 2011 theatre season.... Read more»

Etcetera at Live Theatre Workshop

'Jailbait' play is sweet, not skeevy

“Jailbait” posits two upscale fifteen-year-olds, Claire and Emmy, trying to bluff their way into adulthood by sneaking into a club. Does sex + intimacy = love?... Read more»

Live Theatre Workshop

'Half and Half' questions if times really are a-changin’

“Half and Half” by playwright James Sherman, is actually two one-act plays about social attitudes and gender roles between household environs in 1970 and 2005. ... Read more»

Live Theatre Workshop

LTW takes edgy turn with 'How I Learned To Drive'

Paula Vogel’s 1998 Pulitzer Prize-winning play, “How I Learned To Drive,” is difficult to assess, given its off-kilter comedic and frequently poignant portrayal of a trusted uncle’s incestuous molestation of his niece. Is a successful production enough to overcome the creepy subject matter? ... Read more»

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