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Lawmaker: Az pharmacy board should lead bath-salts fight

An Arizona lawmaker wants the state's Board of Pharmacy to be given the power to ban ingredients found in synthetic drugs such as bath salts.... Read more»

Group pushes for convention on amendment to rein in national debt

The states can and should band together to rein in the national debt by amending the U.S. Constitution, a conservative group’s constitutional scholar told lawmakers Wednesday.... Read more»1

Az Senate panel wants ban on 'bath salts' ingredients

Compounds used to make so-called bath salts, synthetic stimulants currently sold by some smoke shops and convenience stores, would be illegal under legislation endorsed Wednesday by a state Senate committee.... Read more»

New centennial, ‘Don’t Tread on Me’ license plates proposed

In a rite of spring, state legislators are proposing at least 12 special license plates that would add to nearly 50 offered by the Arizona Department of Transportation.... Read more»