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New Az law addresses danger of laser pointers to aircraft

Arizona has a new law making it a crime to point laser pointers at aircraft. But some in law enforcement say the law doesn't go far enough because the charge is a misdemeanor rather than a felony. ... Read more»

FBI offers reward to curb laser strikes on aircraft in Az

While piloting a police helicopter 500 feet above Tucson, Chris Potter was struck with a brilliant green laser through the right window, temporarily blinding his right eye. “Had the laser also contacted my left eye and created the same incident in my left eye, there would not have been a pilot able to pilot that aircraft back to the hangar,” he said.... Read more»

Sky Harbor, Tucson among top airports for aircraft 'laser strikes'

Phoenix pilots have reported the second-highest number of "laser strikes" in the nation so far in 2011, a year after being tied for third. Tucson International Airport was number 11 on the list for 2010.... Read more»