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'Getting stronger every day' - Tucson native off life support after Vegas shooting

A young woman who grew up in Tucson is "doing great!!!!" and is no longer on life support after being shot in last week's massacre in Las Vegas that killed at least 58 people and wounded about 500. Savannah Nicole Sanchez had been in critical condition after two surgeries, her family said.... Read more»

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'Doing better' - Tucson native on life support after Vegas shooting

A young woman who grew up in Tucson is "doing better" but still on life support after being shot Sunday night in the massacre in Las Vegas that killed at least 59 people and wounded more than 500. Savannah Nicole Sanchez is in critical condition after two surgeries, her family said.... Read more»

Giffords to Congress: ‘The nation is counting on you’ after Las Vegas

Former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords turned and shook her fist toward the U.S. Capitol on Monday after telling lawmakers “the nation is counting on you” to act in the wake of Sunday’s mass shooting in Las Vegas.... Read more»

Reports: Recent UA grad confirmed dead in Vegas massacre

A 2017 University of Arizona graduate was among those killed in the Sunday-night attack in Las Vegas, according to news reports. Christiana Duarte, 21, who earned a bachelor's in business marketing from the UA in May, died in the mass shooting,... Read more»

Flags at half-staff to remember victims of Vegas shooting

U.S. flags will be flown at half-staff through sunset Friday out of respect for the victims of Sunday night's massacre in Las Vegas, President Donald Trump ordered.... Read more»

Vegas massacre gunman grew up in Tucson, father was on FBI Most Wanted list

Stephen Paddock, the man who authorities say gunned down 58 people and injured hundreds in Las Vegas, spent his childhood in Tucson. His father was a former service-station owner and care salesman who broke out of prison after being convicted in a 1960 Phoenix bank robbery.... Read more»

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Giffords: 'Know this horror & heartbreak too well'

Former congresswoman Gabby Giffords pressed lawmakers to address gun violence: "I know this feeling of heartbreak and horror too well. The massacre in Las Vegas is a grave tragedy for our nation. This must stop - we must stop this."... Read more»

Casinos & offshore companies battle for billions in online gambling push

Lindsey Graham, Sheldon Adelson and a colorful cast of characters jockey over regulation. ... Read more»

Nevada, Arizona officials hold informal Interstate 11 meeting

Supporters of the proposed Interstate 11 met Wednesday in Washington where they expressed optimism about the future of the long-discussed highway that could link Phoenix and Las Vegas – and possibly beyond.... Read more»1

Southwestern heat wave sees temps hit 120 degrees

A blistering heat wave has swept across southwestern United States with temperatures hovering around 120 degrees. Southern California, Nevada and Arizona have seen record-breaking temperatures and hospitalizations due to the intense heat. Highs could reach 116 in Tucson through Sunday night.... Read more»

Investment managers top list of super PAC donors

Despite his vast wealth, Sheldon Adelson was not exactly a household name when the Republican presidential primary campaign got under way. But the casino magnate’s multimillion-dollar contributions to a pro-Newt Gingrich super PAC ended that.... Read more»

Tucson Padres baseball

Las Vegas spins win against Padres

The Tucson Padres scored two late runs but were unable to produce a second dramatic comeback in as many nights, as the Padres lost to Las Vegas 7-4 Wednesday. ... Read more»

Phx home prices hit record low in housing index

In 17 out of 20 major American cities, home prices in September were lower than in August, the latest S&P/Case-Shiller home price index shows.... Read more»

State ponders toll on I-15 in Arizona Strip

Faced with a deteriorating roadway along an isolated stretch of Interstate 15 in the Arizona Strip, state officials have taken a first step toward charging a toll. That has neighboring Utah and Nevada raising concerns about the major link between Las Vegas and Salt Lake City.... Read more»

Factcheck: GOP Vegas smackdown

Republican candidates hammered each other for two hours in a lively Nevada confrontation — and often strayed from the facts.... Read more»

Garcia: 'Welcome to Nevada: The Grand Canyon State'

Arizona is a little tricky to figure out. OK, for many in America, that's stating the obvious, like saying the Grand Canyon is "grand" or that it's located somewhere in southern Nevada.... Read more»

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