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Tucson soldier dies in South Korea

A soldier from Tucson died last week of an illness in Seoul, South Korea, officials said Monday. Sgt. Jason Luong, 36, was a public affairs specialist with the Headquarters Support Company, Headquarters and Headquarters Battalion, III Corps, deployed from Fort Hood, Texas.... Read more»

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U.S. announces crackdown on shady puppy imports

The move comes two months after a GlobalPost investigation into the dark world of Korean puppy mills. ... Read more»

Big revamp of Pentagon’s troubled mission to find missing soldiers looks a lot like old revamp

Without change of leadership throughout, meaningful change could be elusive, critics say. ... Read more»

Pentagon overhauls effort to identify its missing

The restructuring promises to address many of the problems laid out in a recent ProPublica and NPR investigation. ... Read more»

Hiroshima’s forgotten victims: A Korean survivor’s tale

Sixty-eight years ago today, the radioactive heat of the world’s first atomic bomb attack seared Jongkeun Lee’s skin and incinerated his hair. He was 17 years old when the city of Hiroshima, Japan, was destroyed around him. When the U.S. bombed Hiroshima, many victims were Korean forced laborers. Their ordeal has been particularly arduous.... Read more»

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Buckmaster: Easy way to compare airline ticket costs out of Tucson

Former Tucson Mayor Bob Walkup, now an honorary consul for the Republic of Korea. Also, Dr. Jeffrey Silvertooth, UA College of Agriculture associate dean for economic development and director of Arizona Cooperative Extension. Plus, Mary Davis, senior director of business development and marketing for Tucson International Airport.... Read more»

Prescott veteran in D.C. with others to remember ‘Forgotten War’

Bill Cheek was 20 when he shipped out to Korea in 1950, with no clue that he would soon spend nights camped out in subfreezing temperatures or see one of his friend killed in the Korean War. But Cheek, now 83, did know that he was going to live through the conflict – simply because he was determined to. "It was my job to do."... Read more»

North Korea fires 6th short-range missile in 3 days

North Korea fired more short-range missiles away from South Korea and into the East Sea on Monday, its third successive day of missile tests.... Read more»

North Korea opens window into possibility of talks with U.S.

North Korea said it was open to dialog with the US but that it would not return to the "humiliating negotiating table" until it has boosted its nuclear arsenal enough to fend off an American attack, the state news agency reported. ... Read more»

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Buckmaster: Former Army chief weighs in on Korean crisis

The Monday Political Face-Off featured commentators Bruce Ash and Paul Eckerstrom. Also, General John A. Wickham, Jr., former U.S. Army chief of staff and commander of all U.S. and UN forces in Korea, discussed the dangerous situation on the Korean peninsula.... Read more»

South Korean delegation in Az for trauma-care summit

A delegation seeking to establish a national trauma system in South Korea is in Arizona to see how hospitals, first responders and health care leaders manage the state’s system.... Read more»

The high cost of rattling North Korea’s cage

The U.S. delivered a very expensive message last week in dispatching a couple of its $3 billion, B-2 stealth bombers from Missouri to drop dummy bombs during training exercises in South Korea. By some estimates the planes cost $135,000 per hour to fly — nearly double that of any other military aircraft. And their hefty price tag in today’s dollars makes them too expensive to put at serious risk in all but the direst circumstances.... Read more»

Comic: North Korea

Great days in naval history

Despite Dennis Rodman's best efforts, the situation in North Korea is still unstable ...... Read more»

North Korea launches missile in East Sea

North Korea fired off short-range missiles into the East Sea on Friday amid heightened tension following its February nuclear test, a military source in Seoul said.... Read more»

North Korea: Kim Jong Un targeted in assassination attempt

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was recently the target of an assassination attempt, South Korean intelligence has said.... Read more»

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Buckmaster: GOP leaders want to block Medicaid expansion

The Monday Political Face-Off featured Carolyn Cox and Paul Eckerstrom. Also, the latest on the serious situation in North Korea from Gen. John Wickham, retired U.S. Army chief of staff.... Read more»

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