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Mexican cartels robbing millions from multinational corporations

When gunmen in Mexico carried out one of the world’s biggest ever gold heists this month, Canadian pit operator McEwen Mining was left looking at $8.5 million in lost metal.... Read more»

Where are Mexico’s top 10 drug lords now?

Mexican security forces have captured or killed most major cartel bosses. The latest arrest came on Friday, when federal forces raided a house in Morelia, Michoacan, and nabbed Servando “La Tuta” Gomez. But a number of them are still at large. ... Read more»

How Mexico’s cartel crackdown smashed its iron industry

A government offensive against the Knights Templar cartel has had the side effect of leaving thousands of miners out of work.... Read more»1

Will deal solve Mexico’s vigilante problem?

The rise of thousands of vigilantes bearing assault rifles to rout a drug cartel in Michoacan state has presented President Enrique Peña Nieto with a policy nightmare. Attacking the vigilantes is unpopular and morally questionable. But tolerating these gun-wielding militias, who are manning checkpoints, detaining suspects and swarming on towns, shows a breakdown of the basic rule of law.... Read more»

How Mexico's west was won: It took a village, and plenty of AK-47s

The story of how vigilante militias took their western Mexican towns back from Knights Templar meth lords — for now. (with video)... Read more»

Mexico's gang-torn Hot Country about to boil over

Things are shifting quickly and bloodily in Mexico's western Michoacan state, as troops fight to disarm vigilante gangs intent on combating a dangerous drug cartel. A clash between soldiers and militiamen in one town Monday night ended with multiple deaths — reports vary on how many, but the government has confirmed two fatalities. That's apparently hardened the militia leaders' resolve to continue fighting.... Read more»

This map could mean militia mayhem for Mexico

Hell seems ever more liable to bust loose in western Mexico’s Michoacan state, with heavily armed civilians squaring off against feared meth-producing gangsters who’ve had the run of rural hamlets and towns for years. The self-defense militias, at least some of them accused of connivance with criminal rivals of the local Knights Templar gang, have been working to encircle the Templar-dominated city of Apatzingan since last summer.... Read more»1

Mexico madness: Did the Knights Templar murder the navy's vice admiral?

Vice Adm. Carlos Salazar and a bodyguard were shot dead Sunday when gunmen attacked their official navy car, which had been diverted by a protest blockade on a major toll road on to a secondary road in Michoacan.... Read more»

Explainer: Who are Mexico's Knights Templar?

They worship their leader "San Nazario" like a saint and claim they need extortion cash to protect the unprotected. But for many, this cult-like, meth-pushing Mexican gang is a menace to society.... Read more»

Confronting Mexico's Knights Templar cartel

The county of Coalcoman, Michoacan became fed up with the cult-like Knights Templar gang's extorting, raping and killing. Here's what it took to stop it — for now.... Read more»

Norway killer: McVeigh, al-Qaida were inspirations

The Oklahoma City bombing and al-Qaida attacks served as inspiration and education for confessed mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik, he told a courtroom in Norway on Friday... Read more»

Breivik held in solitary confinement

A Norwegian court has ruled that Anders Behring Breivik be held in solitary confinement after he boasted that he carried out Friday's massacre to "save Norway" and warned of "two more cells" prepared to carry out further attacks. (with video)... Read more»

Latest drug cartel on narco mission from God

When they first announced their founding in March, the Knights Templar hung up banners around their native Michoacan state, promising they would “safeguard order, stop robberies, kidnappings, extortion and shield the state from rival organizations.” But their mission quickly turned bloody.... Read more»