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Daily Star court reporter leaving to work for juvie system

Kim Smith, for eight years the court reporter for the Arizona Daily Star, is leaving to be a spokeswoman for the Pima County Juvenile Court. Smith will wind up her reporting career at the end of the week.... Read more»

Star suit: County stonewalling over Triano murder case

The Pima County Legal Defender's Office is stonewalling a request for information about a former public defender's handling of a murder case, The Arizona Daily Star claims in court.... Read more»1

Does the name ‘Brad Schwartz’ ring a bell? You’re not alone

There may come a day when the name "Brad Schwartz" doesn't instantly conjure up headlines of a talented eye surgeon who had a rival killed. But that day is not likely to come any day soon. Case in point: Schwartz's notoriety permeated the trial of a man convicted of attacking him in prison and is a key element in that man's appeal.... Read more»