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Arizona kids more fit than national average, which isn't saying much

Arizona’s schoolkids are more physically fit than their national peers, according to a report card. But that’s nothing to brag about: Kids nationwide are not even close to being active enough.... Read more»

Gaps in kids' dental coverage a trouble spot

New data indicate that difficulties persist despite the health law’s efforts at to expand pediatric dental insurance.... Read more»

Events celebrate Arizona centennial

Arizona will celebrate its centennial birthday on Tuesday. Museums, musicians and artists will be showcasing their best to celebrate the state's 100th birthday.... Read more»

Walk to School Day promotes clean air, fit kids

A record 49 schools in the Tucson area are participating in International Walk to School Day on Wednesday to support active lifestyles in children and improve air quality.... Read more»

Lawmakers pick up bill against kids in truck beds

A bipartisan pair of state representatives hope to do what others have tried and failed to do for nearly 20 years: expand a ban on unrestrained minors in the backs of trucks.... Read more»