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Despite 2016 law, Salt River wild horses remain unmanaged

Every year, thousands of people visit the Salt River to experience the riparian area in the Sonoran Desert. But they'll likely also see piles of horse manure, from wild horses that wildlife experts say is a harmful invasive species.... Read more»1

Gun control bills stall in Arizona Legislature

The Legislature likely won’t debate a single piece of gun control legislation this session, after Democrats failed Tuesday to force a vote on a bill to ban bump stocks, which were used in the Las Vegas mass shooting. Reps. Randall Friese and Daniel Hernandez, both from Tucson, co-sponsored a measure that would have banned trigger cranks, including bump stocks.... Read more»

Three bills aim to make exceptions to Az’s public records law

Three bills introduced during this legislative session aim to make what currently is public information private.... Read more»1

Lawmaker: Make schools get parental consent to use isolation rooms

Rep. Kelly Townsend, R-Mesa, wants a law requiring schools to obtain parental consent before using isolation or seclusion rooms to control student behavior. Arizona is among states without laws regulating the use of restraints and seclusion practices in schools. ... Read more»