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What the Devil won't tell you

Can Candidate Glassman prove that he's grown up?

I'll put it this way: Everything I need to know about Donald Trump, I learned from Rodney Glassman. The ego, the affirmation-seeking narcissism, the treatment of staff, the belief that he's the victim. If he had any sense of authenticity he'd be dangerous, but his lens was the convenience of ambition.... Read more»

Cops union: Bolger apology not enough

Saying that a statement by Ward 2 Chief of Staff Katie Bolger isn't enough, the president of Tucson's police union again called Wednesday for the aide to City Councilman Paul Cunningham to step down. "Ms. Bolger repeatedly attempted to use her position to garner special treatment," TPD Officer Bill Bonanno said.... Read more»

Katie Bolger

Cunningham staffer issues apology for drunk tirade at cops

Katie Bolger, the chief of staff for City Councilman Paul Cunningham, has issued a written statement about the intoxicated outburst — directed at Tucson police — last month that ended in her spending a night in jail. Despite the police union's call for her resignation, she has declined repeated requests to be interviewed about the incident. (with video)... Read more»3