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U.S. troops in Afghanistan: Packing up and moving out

Preparation to hand over U.S. bases to Afghan forces is a huge undertaking for US troops.... Read more»

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Memorial Day

The five deadliest places for U.S. military

As America commemorates Memorial Day, approximately 4,500 U.S. service members have died in Iraq and more than 1,840 in Afghanistan— five provinces in those countries saw the highest casualties.... Read more»

Kandahar shootings: What really happened?

Little is known for certain about what happened on March 11, when Staff Sgt. Robert Bales allegedly massacred 16 Afghan civilians. ... Read more»

Soldier accused of Afghan killings faces 17 murder charges

The U.S. soldier accused of killing civilians on a shooting rampage in two villages in Afghanistan will be charged with 17 counts of murder.... Read more»

Man crashes car at Afghanistan airfield as Panetta arrives

A man crashed a stolen vehicle on the runway of an Afghanistan air base as Secretary of Defense Leon Panett's plane arrived Wednesday, days after the killings of 16 civilians blamed on an American soldier.... Read more»

Taliban vows revenge for deaths of 16 Afghan civilians

The Taliban has vowed revenge against the United States after an American soldier allegedly went on a house-to-house shooting rampage in Kandahar province, killing 16 Afghan civilians.... Read more»1

U.S. soldier accused of killing 16 Aghan civilians

An American soldier walked into a village near his base in southern Afghanistan, and shot and killed at least 16 civilians early Sunday morning.... Read more»

Afghanistan in dangerous power vacuum

In the wake of Tuesday’s assassination of Ahmed Wali Karzai, the president’s half brother and the most powerful man in Kandahar, and Thursday's suicide bombing of a mosque where his service was being held, U.S. and Afghan forces in Kandahar City are on a heightened state of alert.... Read more»


Assassination of Afghan leader's brother creates power vacuum

There is much that is unclear about the assassination of Ahmed Wali Karzai. But there is one thing that is virtually certain: it will make the situation worse.The power vacuum it creates could quite possibly be filled by someone even worse.... Read more»

Death of bin Laden has little effect on Taliban

The United States and its allies have no plans to slow the gearing up for a renewed offensive against in Afghanistan.... Read more»

Afghanistan’s great escape

More than 470 Taliban detainees broke out of Kandahar’s toughest prison, and nobody noticed. (with video)... Read more»

Afghanistan: As tanks roll in, shades of Soviet failure

As winter settles across Afghanistan, American M-1 Abrams tanks are just about to roll in, right past the bombed-out hulks of Soviet tanks scattered across the rugged landscape as rusted symbols of the failures of the last empire that tried and failed to occupy Afghanistan.... Read more»

Afghanistan fighting ends as winter begins

While battle rages on in warmer climes around the world, the fighting season in Afghanistan is drawing to a close as bitter cold descends upon its mountains and deserts.... Read more»

In Afghanistan, supplying U.S. military is big business

Moving all the things 100,000 troops need to fight and survive in a hostile foreign land is never an easy task. In a landlocked, mountainous country the size of Texas, with few paved roads, it is even harder.... Read more»1

Tucson soldier dies from Afghanistan wounds

Spc. Chris Moon, a former Tucson High baseball star, died from injuries he suffered in Afghanistan, the Defense Department confirmed. The 2006 Southern Arizona Player of the Year stepped on a roadside bomb last week.... Read more»

Opinion: Justice is missing from Afghanistan

Gen. David Petraeus is unlikely to succeed if Afghan policy stays the same and persists in ignoring the ramifications of a long list of injustices that continue to pile up in Afghanistan.... Read more»

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