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Presidential election

The return of CREEP?

With 300-plus super PACs and counting, it would be easy to miss CREEP. But last Thursday, a new super PAC ingeniously named the Committee for the Re-Election of the President registered with the Federal Election Commission. ... Read more»

In the gusher of super PACs, confusion reigns

As the South Carolina primary revs up, it's worth taking a step back and considering all the confusing names for super PACs, and all the confusing money that might be spent in the coming months. ... Read more»


Super PAC man gobbles up regulators’ time, patience

Since the Supreme Court ruling paved the way for groups to raise and spend unlimited amounts of money on behalf of candidates, 240 so-called Super PACs have registered with the Federal Election Commission. Josue Larose — purported millionaire, alleged economist and general man of mystery — has formed 60 of them. ... Read more»