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Rogue Theatre's 'Grapes of Wrath' an ensemble epic

The Rogue is the only theatre company in Tucson — and, I would guess, one of the few in the country — with the aesthetic sensibility, technical proficiency, resident ensemble and dramatic chops to undertake an earnest production the stage adaptation of John Steinbeck's novel.... Read more»

Rogue Theatre

Pinter's 'Old Times' a Sisyphean search for truth

Throughout the play, now on at the Rogue Theatre, Pinter circles around to the same words, activities and images he has already presented, repeating but contradicting, layering different meanings and interpretations on top of our prior notions.... Read more»1

Nāga Mandala (Play With A Cobra)

Rogue Theatre's snaking narrative meditates on reality

Watching Rogue Theatre's "Nāga Mandala (Play With A Cobra)," you understand how ancient Greeks must have felt watching the early Dionysian plays in the hills outside of Athens. Or even earlier, the emotions of people in prehistoric times as they huddled around a fire watching the re-enactment of a hunt. ... Read more»1

Weekend preview: Good things come in threes

Perhaps you are the sort for whom a hike in this heat sounds like a fate worse than death. If so, here are three options for each weekend day to keep you cool.... Read more»