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One month later: We will not be deterred

In the frantic hours after a gunman attempted to assassinate U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, no one could have foreseen that the response to such an unspeakable tragedy would represent such a triumph of hope and resolve.... Read more»

Judicial emergency relief for court reeling from judge’s death

Federal judges in Arizona – and particularly in Tucson – were overburdened even before Chief U.S. District Judge John M. Roll died with five others in the shooting that severely wounded U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. A judicial emergency declared this week is intended to provide some relief.... Read more»

Not guilty plea entered for Loughner

The man accused of shooting U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and others at a Tucson grocery store Jan. 8 had a not guilty plea entered for him by a federal judge today.... Read more»

A message from Maureen Roll

There are no words to describe how my world was shattered on Saturday morning, Jan. 8, 2011. Not only did I lose John Roll, my husband and best friend of more than 40 years, but our three sons lost a wonderful father and our grandchildren their beloved papa.... Read more»2

Tucson shootings: How to help, where to get help

In the wake of the Jan. 8 shooting that killed 6 and injured 13 others, many charity funds and other ways to help in the community have been set up.... Read more»

Hundreds of mourners fill funeral for Judge Roll

Nearly 1,700 mourners gathered to pay their respects Friday to U.S. District Court Judge John Roll, whose funeral was held at St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church.... Read more»

A visit to UMC shooting memorial

One man brought a framed photograph of Giffords and carefully tip-toed his way through the cluttered lawn to place it in the middle of the memorial. A woman lit a large bundle of dried sage, blew out the flame and placed it with a small group of candles. She began crying and angrily swept away her tears to stare in silence for a few moments.... Read more»1

Guest opinion

Steve Alley: Trying to make sense of the senseless

But if this doesn't force us to turn back from the abyss, to think about what we say anonymously, what we say publicly and privately, then what will? If this doesn't make us ask ourselves what we could do to make this world a better place, then why did this happen?... Read more»

'The hopes of a nation are here' - Text of Obama's speech

"I have come here tonight as an American who, like all Americans, kneels to pray with you today, and will stand by you tomorrow." Updated w/ additional photos.... Read more»

Bishop leads Mass to remember victims of Tucson shooting

The pews of St. Odilia's Parish were crowded with mourners Tuesday night. They gathered to remember nine-year-old Christina Taylor Green and the other victims of Saturday's shooting rampage.... Read more»

Loughner parents: 'Care very deeply about the victims and their families'

"We wish that we could change the heinous events Saturday," the parents of Jared Lee Loughner said in a written statement Tuesday.... Read more»

Bishop Kicanas to hold Mass for shooting victims Tuesday

The victims of Saturday's shooting rampage, which killed six and wounded 14 others, will be remembered at a Mass at St. Odilia Parish on Tuesday night.... Read more»

Funeral services for Judge Roll scheduled

Funeral services have been scheduled for U.S. District Court Judge John M. Roll, who was killed in Saturday's attack on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at a Northwest Side meet and greet. Visitation will be Thursday, and a funeral mass will be held Friday:... Read more»

No plea, no bail for Giffords shooting suspect

The Tucson man accused of trying to kill U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and killing U.S. District Court Judge John M. Roll was made his first court appearance Monday afternoon. He did not enter a plea, and did not request bail.... Read more»1

Man who held down Giffords shooting suspect carried gun

Joe Zamudio, one of four who held down Jared Loughner, carries a gun and almost shot the shooting suspect, he said. "Six families lost somebody and another 14 families have to deal with the trauma of this event. Everybody has a mother who's going to cry tonight," he said. (video)... Read more»1

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