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Casinos & offshore companies battle for billions in online gambling push

Lindsey Graham, Sheldon Adelson and a colorful cast of characters jockey over regulation. ... Read more»

Obama beats Romney in August fundraising

President Obama edges out Mitt Romney by $2.4 million in fundraising in the month of August. ... Read more»


Ryan's 20 percent

Romney sidekick Paul Ryan has released two years of tax returns (one more than the boss!), and he paid 20 percent in taxes in 2011.... Read more»


Just say no

The Obama campaign told Mitt Romney they would be satisfied if he released only five years of tax returns. Mitt laughed in their faces.... Read more»

Health industry funding GOP more than Dems; anti-reform activity ramps up

A new portrait of the health industry has begun to take shape, with the insurance industry consistently donating more to Republicans than to Democrats since August 2009.... Read more»