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Lawmakers see little victories, big flaws in $3.9 trillion budget

Arizona’s congressional delegation had predictable reactions to the federal budget proposed last week — split on party lines. Democrats are “more likely to see value in stressing what the budget does for their district.”. Republicans, on the other hand, find that their districts are looking for a “dumping on ‘big-spending’ Obama” tack.... Read more»

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Nonprofits spent money on Az campaigns despite donor warnings

Two of the tightest races for U.S. Senate in 2012 were in Nevada and Arizona. Republican candidates eked out wins in both states with help from four so-called “dark money” nonprofits, whose funding can be traced back to the network of organizations backed by the Koch brothers.... Read more»

GOP lawmakers dislike ‘how’ as much as ‘what’ of Obama speech

President Obama’s State of the Union address renewed calls for comprehensive immigration reform and action on economic opportunity, including an increased minimum wage and extended unemployment insurance benefits. But Republicans in Arizona’s congressional delegation quickly attacked the speech not just for what the president wants to do but how he vowed to do it.... Read more»

Nominees for 6 vacant Az judgeships get long-stalled hearings

Months of waiting – and more than two years in one case – were over in less than two hours Tuesday when a Senate committee breezed through nomination hearings for six Arizona judicial nominees. After a generally friendly hearing, the six nominees — including Tucson’s Rosemary Marquez — will still have to wait at least one week for a committee vote, followed by a full Senate vote.... Read more»

Flake lifts long hold on judge nominations, including Marquez

Sen. Jeff Flake has lifted a block on five of six judicial nominees to the federal bench in Arizona, where the American Bar Association has said vacancies are “dramatically worse” than in other states. Among the nominees who will move ahead to Senate review are Tucson’s Rosemary Marquez, first nominated in 2011.... Read more»

Az lawmakers give cool reception to deal on Iran’s nuclear program

Several Arizona lawmakers have weighed in on the Obama administration’s weekend announcement of an agreement intended to limit Iran’s nuclear program – and most are not pleased.... Read more»

McCain holds closed-door 'town hall' Monday

U.S. Sen. John McCain held an apparent invite-only discussion in Tucson on Monday morning, although the event was billed as a “town hall.” The 10:30 a.m. event was held at the headquarters of Unisource Energy, and reportedly included about 30 people. At least one interested in attending, perennial Green Party candidate Dave Croteau, was not allowed to enter.... Read more»

San Carlos Apache official says copper mine threatens sacred sites

San Carlos Apache Chairman Terry Rambler told a Senate committee Wednesday that a massive copper mine proposed for Southeast Arizona would desecrate land his tribe considers sacred.... Read more»1

Officials, lawmakers call for greater investment in wildfire prevention

For every dollar the government spends preventing wildfire damage, it could save cash-strapped agencies like the Forest Service another $5 on fighting increasingly large fires, a Senate committee was told Tuesday.... Read more»

McCain urges House to act on immigration reform, says issue can’t wait

Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., urged the House Thursday to act on immigration reform, even if that means moving on its own piecemeal approach to the problem rather than the Senate’s comprehensive reform bill.... Read more»

Feds add Az hearing on proposed changes to Mexican gray wolf plan

Following a request from U.S. Sens. Jeff Flake and John McCain, federal officials have added a public hearing in Arizona on proposed changes to the management of endangered Mexican gray wolves.... Read more»

Parents of Az vet work to ‘put a face’ on veteran suicide epidemic

Daniel Somers’ parents said they had “no idea” about the struggles their son was facing before the Phoenix Army veteran took his own life in June. Now, Howard and Jean Somers are working to raise awareness about veterans’ mental health issues and to advocate for changes to the way the Department of Veterans Affairs handles benefits claims and mental-health treatments.... Read more»

Flake asks ADOT to help veterans find their way to VA facilities

Citing concerns raised by veterans, Sen. Jeff Flake is urging the Arizona Department of Transportation to assess whether roadway signage pointing to U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs facilities is adequate.... Read more»

Az senator struggles with ‘shenanigans’ and ‘malfeasance’

Shenanigans first got Sen. Jeff Flake in trouble, but it was malfeasance that finally got the Arizona Republican booted.... Read more»

White House nominates four to fill judgeships on Az federal court

The White House nominated four people Thursday to vacant judgeships on the U.S. District Court of Arizona, apparently clearing the way for a long-stalled fifth nomination to proceed in the process. The four join Rosemary Marquez, whose nomination has languished for more than two years without a hearing.... Read more»

Tucson native trades career for full-time Code Pink anti-war activism

Tighe Barry believes in nothing less than saving the planet. And if he has to wear pink to do it, so be it.... Read more»

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