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Forcing health insurers to do what's right

Commentary: Obamacare's 'medical loss ratio' rule has benefited consumers.... Read more»


Senators push reform of black lung program that 'failed' sick miners

U.S. senators are crafting legislation to reform the black lung benefits program, using a series of reports by the Center for Public Integrity and ABC News as a guide, Sen. Robert Casey said Monday.... Read more»


Potter: Making the tough health care calls

For decades, the American Medical Association and other health care special interests have pretty much had their way with Congress when it comes to Medicare. Even though the program is run by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, members of Congress frequently exert their influence over that agency to protect or enhance the fiscal well being of physicians, drug makers and others who help finance their campaigns. ... Read more»


Putting our premiums into medical care, not profits

The Rockefeller provision of President Obama's health care reform law will require consumer rebates from insurers who didn't spend enough on care.... Read more»

Smart v. Stupid

FBI investigates News Corp—Is Fox News next?

Last week, we outlined the admitted (and denied) criminal allegations at News Corp and issued a first-in-the-nation call for an FBI investigation. Since, calls for a U.S. look at Murdoch’s media empire have exploded, public outrage is unabated, and the FBI is looking at News Corp.... Read more»