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Mexican drug murders get less attention in U.S. than Middle East violence

Commentary: Why are Americans so uninformed and unconcerned about the horrors occurring just across our border?... Read more»1

U.S. weapons help fuel Mexican gang violence

Lax regulation and corruption enable a flood of small arms to reach Mexico’s deadly drug cartels.... Read more»

Peace caravan from Mexico condemns U.S. drug war

Carrying the weight of his murdered son’s memory, a Mexican poet is leading a national caravan — with stops in Tucson and Phoenix — to publicly condemn American drug policies.... Read more»3

Mexican mayor-elect shot dead in suspected cartel hit

The mayor-elect of a town in San Luis Potosi state in central Mexico has been shot dead along with his campaign advisor.... Read more»

Decoding Mexico’s murder mayhem

A report has shown the bloodiest period in Mexico's recent history, with a staggering 18,468 homicides reported in the first five months of 2011.... Read more»1