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Sheriff won't release more info on SWAT shooting

The Pima County Sheriff's Department issued a statement Wednesday, explaining the delay in releasing information about the May 5 killing of Jose Guerena by SWAT officers.... Read more»

2 chopper crash survivors released from hospital

Two of the three survivors of Monday's helicopter crash have been released from the hospital. One remains in serious condition, a sheriff's department spokesman said. The veteran pilot, Loren Leonberger, was killed in the crash.... Read more»

Sheriff's Dep't IDs pilot killed in helicopter crash

Update: Pilot Loren Leonberger was killed and three injured when the Pima County sheriff's helicopter crashed on a mountainside northwest of Tucson on Monday. The chopper was involved in a 2004 Hawaii crash, and the company that worked on it had its FAA certification revoked in September.... Read more»1

Pima sheriff cuts off info on Giffords shooting

A controversy between the sheriff's department and the county attorney's office mean no more info on the Jan. 8 shooting will be released.... Read more»2

Safeway, other stores reopened after Giffords shooting

The Safeway where a Saturday shooting rampage took the lives of six has reopened, as have the other stores in the same shopping center, authorities said Thursday.... Read more»

19 total shot in Saturday rampage: Sheriff's Dep't updates number

Nineteen people were hit in the mass shooting Saturday on Tucson's Northwest Side. The shooting left 6 dead and 13 wounded, said Deputy Jason Ogan. Authorities have variously put the total number shot at 16, 18, 20 and now 19.... Read more»

Sheriff IDs four who stopped shooting rampage

Four people said to have helped stop the alleged shooting rampage of suspect Jared Lee Loughner have been identified by the Pima County Sheriff's Department.... Read more»2