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Invisible Theatre cancels 'Dead Guilty' run over actor illness

A sick actor means a local theatre group is canceling a production. "Dead Guilty," scheduled for Feb. 4-16, won't appear on the boards of Invisible Theatre; ticket holders should phone to arrange refunds.... Read more»

Invisible Theatre’s 'The Letters' is a doubleplusgood drama

The play examines the issues of a culture built on fear and deception, through a two-person power struggle fraught with suspicion, manipulation and intrigue. The taut psychological drama owes much to “1984,” George Orwell’s dystopian novel, as well as to the Soviet era that provides the play’s setting. ... Read more»

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Art and life meet in 'First Kisses'

Art imitates life in Invisible Theatre's “First Kisses.” Playing the lifelong couple John and Mary in the play by Jay D. Hanagan are real-life couple Harold and Maedell Dixon. The results are sweet, though predictable, as we follow them from their first meeting as youngsters through the vicissitudes of a lifetime together.... Read more»

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Poignant comedy 'MESA' celebrates a snowbird's roadtrip

This is the final week for the Invisible Theatre’s play, “MESA,” a gentle comedy that follows a Canadian odd couple on a road trip through the American West. The road trip trope is typically a young man’s journey, since the trek is really one of self-discovery. Here, playwright Doug Curtis gives the formula a nice twist.... Read more»

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One-woman show offers multiple perspectives

“The Blonde, the Brunette and the Vengeful Redhead,” a one-woman, seven-character show, unfolds as each character layers on information from her or his perspective. ... Read more»

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'Look Ma, We’re Dancing' is gentle Jewish-centric comedy

Two sisters, grown-up hyper-competitive New York Jewish-American princesses, try to reconnect to their individual lives and their sisterhood following the death of their mother.... Read more»

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Talent shines in play about acting

In “Circle Mirror Transformation,” four small town wanna-be actors, eager to expand their horizons, start in a local community class with their instructor. Over six weeks, covered in 90 minutes of vignettes, they go through a series of enlightening and humiliating psychological exercises.... Read more»


Theatre: Musicals, major Brits, 9/11 & more

9/11 memorials, Bernstein, Shaw and Stoppard are among the shows hitting Tucson stages in September with the start the fall 2011 theatre season.... Read more»

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Faux Bard of 'Premier!' tickles

In this Invisible Theatre production production, comedic playwright Gil Fryman yearns to be taken more seriously. Is forging Shakespeare serious enough? ... Read more»

Let the plays begin: Fall theatre preview

After the summer malaise, the Tucson theatre season starts back in earnest this month. Last week, Winding Road Theatre Ensemble kicked it by premiering a new work by Toni Press-Coffman. This weekend, Arizona Theatre Company, Rogue Theatre and Beowulf Alley Theatre open their seasons, followed closely by Arizona Repertory Theatre, Invisible Theatre, Borderlands, et al.... Read more»

'Empty Plate' surprisingly satisfying

At first glance, the premise of 'An Empty Plate in the Café du Grand Boeuf' might seem unsubstantial. However, this production provides belly laughs, a dollop of irony and even some bittersweet emotional moments of truth. ... Read more»