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Comic: Politics

Scorpions for Breakfast

Jan Brewer may think she knows scorpions, but who could know more about scorpions than a guy who grew up in Indonesia?... Read more»

Islamic vigilantes defend Christmas

"Let the Christians believe that their religion is the absolute truth and let Muslims believe that Islam is the absolute truth." So says the leader of Indonesia's Defenders Front, which is is offering to help protect the sanctity of upcoming Christmas celebrations in the Muslim-majority nation.... Read more»

Who wants to marry a cannibal?

A cannibal infamous for digging up and consuming the corpse of an old woman is ready for love, the Jakarta Post reports.... Read more»

What does bin Laden's death mean for Indonesia?

Reactions to bin Laden's death have been muted in Indonesia, though some fear retribution from radicals.... Read more»


'You... you... Buddhist!'

Tacked onto the tail end of President Obama's four-nation Asia tour was a visit to the Kotoku Temple in the ancient Japanese capital of Kamakura. Wait for the backlash.... Read more»

Election 2010

Analysis: Could defeat for Democrats be good for the world?

President Obama’s 2009 inauguration ushered in a new era that sought for America to re-engage with the world. But what happens to the spirit of Obama’s foreign policy if Republicans capture control of Congress?... Read more»


Why religious education matters

Opinion: Despite the fact that Americans claim to be a highly religious people, a Pew Research Center poll released late in September reveals how little Americans know about religion. This knowledge gap has real-world consequences. Americans need some religious schooling.... Read more»

Indonesia sweats high chili prices

In spice-mad Indonesia, the 2010 Chili Crisis is taking its toll.... Read more»

Facebook privacy: Does the world care?

Most applaud Facebook for making recent privacy changes, though many feel it still has further to go to safeguard people’s privacy. But what about the reaction in other countries?... Read more»