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Rothschild tells mayors SB 1070 'bad for business'

Arizona faced unwanted scrutiny and economic harm because of SB 1070, Tucson’s mayor told a group at the U.S. Conference of Mayors convention. “Not only is it bad for business, it’s bad for politicians,” said Jonathan Rothschild.... Read more»3


American kids often left behind when parents deported

In the first half of 2011 alone, more than 46,000 illegal immigrants with children were deported, leaving more than 5,000 children in foster care. It’s a growing problem, says a recent report. (with video)... Read more»3

Report: Most states rejected SB 1070-style laws in 2011

The majority of states that considered immigration bills similar to Arizona’s SB 1070 rejected them in 2011, a testament to the negative effects such laws have on a state’s economy and reputation, a new report claims.... Read more»5

Court: Mass. must offer health insurance to immigrants

Massachusetts’ highest court ruled Thursday that the state must offer the same level of subsidized insurance to legal immigrants as to citizens.... Read more»

Perry names Arpaio his Arizona campaign chairman

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has named embattled Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio his Arizona campaign chairman, despite a recent Obama administration report condemning alleged discriminatory practices in Arpaio’s office.... Read more»13

Teen mistakenly deported to Colombia to return home

A Texas teenager who was accidentally deported to Colombia, after running away from home, is set to return to the United States as early as Friday... Read more»

Texas teen accidentally deported to Colombia

A Texas teenage girl, who went missing in 2010, was mistakenly deported to Colombia by immigration agents and has yet to return to the United States.... Read more»4

Babeu tosses hat into congressional race

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu tossed his hat into a congressional race Wednesday, announcing that he’ll seek the District 4 seat that includes part of northern Pinal County.... Read more»3

Latinos upset with Obama but back him over GOP

Despite Latinos’ mounting disapproval of President Obama for his administration’s immigration policies, a majority of the demographic would still prefer to see him in the White House over his Republican challengers, according to a new study.... Read more»8

ICE announces new rules for immigrant detainees

ICE announced new rules and paperwork for immigrant detainees on Friday. Anyone being held by state or local law enforcement will be notified about any removal proceedings and their rights.... Read more»8

New laws in 2012: Immigration, abortion, alcohol

In 2012 a set a variety of new laws will take effect, ranging from immigration to abortion to tanning beds.... Read more»1

Second former ICE worker pleads guilty in kickback scheme

A former intelligence specialist with Immigration and Customs Enforcement pleaded guilty last week to embezzling more than $50,000, the second agency employee recently convicted in an unfolding travel voucher kickback scheme that stretches from Tucson to Washington.... Read more»1

Alan Bersin

Customs & Border Protection chief's term expiring

CBP head Alan Bersin is leaving office before the end of the year, the agency said Thursday. Bersin was given a recess appointment in 2010 after the Senate didn’t act on his nomination for seven months. He will step down Dec. 30, one day before his term is set to expire.... Read more»

More choppers, planes to patrol border as Guard pulls back

The Defense Department will send more helicopters and airplanes to keep watch over the U.S.-Mexico border next year, as the number of National Guard troops working with the Border Patrol is reduced.... Read more»

Drug seizures increase as immigrant arrests fall

Narcotics seizures on the country’s borders increased by 20 percent during 2011, even as apprehensions of illegal immigrants fell to their lowest levels in decades. The total arrested in Arizona is the lowest in 17 years.... Read more»2

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