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Border roundup: 1070 in effect, corruption in Mexico

The controversial “papers please” provision of SB 1070 went into effect over the past week, bringing with it more protests and legal battles, while Mexican officials continue to deal with cartels and corruption.... Read more»

Forum set on SB 1070, racial profiling

A community forum on SB 1070 and the potential for racial profiling, organized by Councilwoman Regina Romero and religious leaders, is set for Tuesday evening. Appearing at the meeting will be Tucson Police Chief Roberto Villaseñor and City Attorney Mike Rankin.... Read more»1

Trafficking crimes tough to measure, harder to combat

Lawmakers will address the challenges of combating human trafficking in Texas — a state known as a national center for the difficult-to-measure crime — at a joint interim hearing in Houston on Tuesday. Texas has created harsher penalties for the crime, but advocates say it’s hard to know whether they are working.... Read more»

Hispanic buying power on upsurge

A new report by the Arizona Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce forecasts that Latinos will account for $40 billion of Arizona’s consumer spending during 2012. Hispanic officials say there is a growing market in Arizona that cannot be ignored.... Read more»

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: St. Margaret's fundraiser, Ted Vogt, Sitton on Wildcats

Jesse Lugo and Father Robert of St. Margaret’s Church, plus GOP state House LD10 candidate Ted Vogt and Dave Sitton on Wildcat football.... Read more»

Demand for GEDs surges due to illegal-immigrant deferrals

There are no citizenship requirements for K-12 schools in Arizona. For illegal immigrants who have dropped out or are too old to return to high school, however, going for a GED may be the only option if they want to qualify for deferred action.... Read more»

Border Roundup: Sheriff Dever dies, BP honors Brian Terry in Naco

Border & immigration news: Sheriff Dever dies, Border Patrol names Naco station after Terry, Fast and Furious report released, and more.... Read more»

Migrant worker drought worries farmers

With harvest season for many crops approaching, Arizona farms need workers to help bring the crops in. But immigration policy has made it harder to find the skilled labor force farms have relied on for 20 years.... Read more»

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: Remembering Sheriff Larry Dever

Sam Fox of Fox Restaurant Concepts; state Rep. Steve Farley, the Democratic candidate for state Senate in LD9, plus financial advisor Shelly Fishman, and Santa Cruz County Sheriff Tony Estrada on the death of Cochise County Sheriff Larry Dever.... Read more»

SB 1070 'papers' enforcement to begin

A federal judge formally lifted an injunction Tuesday that halted the enforcement of the SB 1070 provision that requires police to determine the immigration status of arrestees. While that part of the law is now in force, most of the bill is now permanently barred.... Read more»1

Napolitano lauds info-sharing program with Mexico

Citing a new collaboration between law-enforcement agencies, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and Mexican Interior Secretary Alejandro Poire say intelligence sharing between the U.S. and Mexico is enhancing security along the border and expediting crossings.... Read more»1

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: Goddard on 'How to fix a broken border'

Terry Goddard, former Attorney General, on his prescription for securing the border, plus Fred Taylor of the Southwest Prostate Cancer Foundation, and GOP congressional candidate Martha McSally.... Read more»


How to fix a broken border: Hit cartels where it hurts

Much of the “secure the border” debate is nonsense. If the United States wants effective border security and not just a political punching bag where symbolism trumps common sense, then more effective law‐enforcement measures must be taken.... Read more»3

Advocacy groups target private prisons for immigrants

The unnecessary prosecution of nonviolent illegal immigrants is sending ever larger numbers to poorly managed private prisons, a coalition of advocacy groups said, calling on Congress to reject $25.8 million for 1,000 new private prison beds. ... Read more»

Vicente Fox

Mexico’s former leader: Immigration reform would strengthen economy

Action by Congress on comprehensive immigration reform would benefit the economies of Arizona, the U.S. and Mexico, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Thursday.... Read more»

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