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Border Patrol seize nearly $2 million in drugs over the past week

In less than a week, Border Patrol agents have seized nearly $2 million worth of marijuana. Agents also arrested 14 people, included two for drug smuggling and nine for being in the country illegally — including an Egyptian national. ... Read more»

Three border crossers rescued from desert

Border Patrol agents rescued two distressed illegal aliens near Ajo on Monday afternoon. In a separate incident Saturday, agents rescued an illegal immigrant near Naco... Read more»

Tucson church gives sanctuary to undocumented man, family

The birthplace of the sanctuary movement in the 1980s, Southside Presbyterian is once again offering refuge for an undocumented immigrant behind its walls. Facing deportation at midnight, an undocumented immigrant has turned to the activist church for sanctuary.... Read more»1

Congress' costly detention quota is placing LGBT immigrants in danger

Immigration and Customs Enforcement’s bed quota is becoming increasingly outdated, inefficient, and inhumane.... Read more»

Charity group backs private company in immigrant smuggling case

A charity organization has thrown its support behind a mining company and one of its employees who are being sued after three undocumented immigrants were killed during an incursion onto private property in Texas.... Read more»1

Gov't asset seizures grow nearly seven-fold over decade

Government seizures of assets exceeded $1.7 billion in 2013, a nearly seven-fold increase in the Treasury Forfeiture Fund over a span of 10 years, according to a recent federal audit.... Read more»

U.S. now deporting decorated, even wounded war veterans

At most funerals for U.S. veterans, the flag is presented ‘on behalf of a grateful nation.’ Not so for these former soldiers.... Read more»

Abuse complaints rarely lead to discipline for border agents

In a three-year period, the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol routinely ignored complaints of physical abuse against detainees, according to new documents gathered by an immigrant advocacy group. ... Read more»

Colibri Center launch puts human faces to border issues

Hoping to put faces to border issues, the launch of the Colibri Center for Human Rights featured an award-winning documentary about one family's loss. The Tucson-based group hopes to establish the most comprehensive data set on missing border crossers and unidentified remains along the U.S.-Mexico border.... Read more»

Even with Obamacare, many Latinos still seek treatment in Mexico

Patients say they drive across the border because costs are lower, waits are shorter and doctors speak their language.... Read more»

Colibri Center for Human Rights debuts with Saturday screening

Home of the most comprehensive data about missing border crossers and unidentified remains along the U.S.-Mexico border, the Colibri Center for Human Rights will celebrate their opening with the local premiere of award-winning film "Who is Dayani Cristal?" on Saturday.... Read more»

Border Patrol ramping up in Rio Grande Valley

Border Patrol agents say the illegal traffic on public and private land in the Rio Grande Valley has triggered the need for additional resources in the region. In addition to the controversial border fence that straddles miles of the Rio Grande in this swampy part of Texas, the Valley has also seen an influx of watchtowers, barricades and agents.... Read more»

Supreme Court won't lift injunction blocking SB 1070 provision

The U.S. Supreme Court refused to lift an injunction that blocks Arizona from enforcing a provision of SB 1070 that would make it a crime to harbor or transport those not in the country legally. Most of the sections of the 2010 law have been struck down or enjoined by the courts.... Read more»1

Border agents arrest 26 for human smuggling, drugs

In the last 10 days Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents have apprehended 19 people for attempting to enter the country illegally — including two Chinese nationals hidden in the trunk of car, and arrested seven others for their role in human smuggling or drug trafficking. ... Read more»

U.S. charging more immigrants with criminal offenses

The U.S. is charging more immigrants with criminal offenses, but it's not because they are committing more crimes.... Read more»

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