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Texas stands out on multiple immigration fronts

As Congress wades deeper into the debate over comprehensive immigration reform legislation, Texas is standing out both for enforcement within its borders and for its appeal to 21st century activists who are seeking an overhaul to the country’s system.... Read more»

Judge: Arpaio racially profiled Latinos in immigration crackdowns

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio violated the civil rights of Latinos who were detained during immigration sweeps, a federal judge ruled Friday. The 142-page decision came in a case brought by the ACLU and MALDEF that alleged Arpaio and his deputies relied on race in determining who to target for immigration enforcement.... Read more»1

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Tucson City Council approves budget

Former state Sen. Frank Antenori, plus Jesse Lugo, Ward 2 Councilman Paul Cunningham, state Rep. Ethan Orr (R-LD9), financial advisor Shelly Fishman, and Ward 6 Councilman Steve Kozachik... Read more»

Key Senate committee approves immigration overhaul

The Senate Judiciary Committee gave a sweeping immigration bill the stamp of approval Tuesday, setting the stage for a debate before the full Senate next month. ... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Reforming state sales tax

Interviews with developer Richard Studwell, systems analyst Mark Spear, Arizona Chamber of Commerce CEO Glenn Hamer , Ken Strobeck of the Arizona League of Cities and Towns, and Arizona Capitol Times reporter Hank Stephenson.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Farley predicts quick state budget deal

Interviews with Terry Dee of Habitat for Humanity's Habistore, Mark B. Evans of Tucsoncitizen.com, TucsonSentinel.com columnist Jimmy Zuma, GOP Rep. Ethan Orr and Democrat Sen. Steve Farley predicted a deal on the state budget will happen quickly — including an expansion of Medicaid.... Read more»1

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Chuck Huckelberry on taxes, new Pima County Courthouse

Interviews with Jim Kuliesh, president of the Alliance of Construction Trades, developer Richard Studwell, Republican strategist Sam Stone, and Pima County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry, along with Central Arizona Project GM David Modeer, and Jim Small of the Arizona Capitol Times.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Sheriff Estrada: Drug war can't be won without strategy change

Interviews with Patrick McNamara of Inside Tucson Business, Arizona Education Association President Andrew Morrill, former Arizona Clean Election Commission Director Todd Lang, GOP state Rep. Paul Boyer, Santa Cruz Sheriff Tony Estrada, and TucsonSentinel.com's Dylan Smith broke news about a PCC chancellor candidate.... Read more»

Long borders, long odds on winning drug wars

In 2012, U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized 1.1 million pounds of narcotics in the state of Arizona. According to a CBP Fact Sheet, Arizona seizures account for half of all drugs seized in the United States. The same goes for apprehensions of people attempting to illegally immigrate.... Read more»

Analysts weigh impact of Mexico's open access decision

The Mexican government’s decision to limit the access that U.S. law enforcement agents had under the previous administration should be seen more as an effort to streamline enforcement and not as an affront to its northern neighbor, analysts and lawmakers say.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Arizona's economy showing signs of recovery

Inteviews with economist Jim Rounds, VP Elliott D. Pollack & Co.; Steve Kozachik Ward 6 Tucson City councilman; Mark B. Evans, administrator of Tucsoncitizen.com; financial advisor Shelly Fishman; and Ken Strobeck, executive director of the Arizona League of Cities and Towns.... Read more»

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Candidates Buehler-Garcia, Montenegro

Interviews with Hank Stephenson of the Arizona Capitol Times, Jesse Lugo, and TucsonSentinel.com columnist Jimmy Zuma; plus Ben Buehler-Garcia, Republican Ward 3 Tucson City Council candidate, and Rep. Steve Montenegro, who's seeking the Republican nomination for Arizona secretary of state.... Read more»

Farmers, fieldhands look to fix ‘flawed’ visas

Francisco Duarte stood in the sun with little shade or water for hours, waiting to pick lemons. But he never complained, because he was afraid he would be replaced by an undocumented worker willing to work longer hours for lower pay. He is among the hundreds of thousands silenced by a visa program that pits citizens, guest workers and the undocumented against one another.... Read more»

Pima County, Humane Borders mapping migrant deaths

Each year, hundreds of people go missing in the Sonoran Desert and many are never identified. Since 2001, of the nearly 2,100 remains found in the desert, about 700 remain unidentified. A new search tool available to the public will combine data sets to help name the dead. ... Read more»4

John C. Scott

J.C. Scott: Rep. Ron Barber with an update from Congress

Interviews with Patrick McNamara of Inside Tucson Business, Penelope Jacks of the Children's Action Alliance, state Sen. David Bradley (D-LD10), along with U.S. Rep. Ron Barber (D-CD2), Councilman Paul Cunningham, and 'Ace' Thakore of Pointguardu.com.... Read more»

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