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Advocacy groups target private prisons for immigrants

The unnecessary prosecution of nonviolent illegal immigrants is sending ever larger numbers to poorly managed private prisons, a coalition of advocacy groups said, calling on Congress to reject $25.8 million for 1,000 new private prison beds. ... Read more»

Vicente Fox

Mexico’s former leader: Immigration reform would strengthen economy

Action by Congress on comprehensive immigration reform would benefit the economies of Arizona, the U.S. and Mexico, former Mexican President Vicente Fox said Thursday.... Read more»

Border roundup: Immigration and other news in the borderlands

A news roundup of border and immigration reports.... Read more»

Repatriation program for Mexican immigrants evolving

Tight budgets have forced a halt this year to the Migration Interior Repatriation Program (MIRP), which flies illegal immigrants back to Mexico. Government officials say they are working on a new, strategic program that will function similarly to the MIRP.... Read more»

Report: Illegal immigrants boost Arizona’s economy

A new report challenges the argument that illegal immigrants are a drain on Arizona’s economy.... Read more»1

Judge: Az OK to enforce SB 1070 'papers' provision

A federal judge Wednesday cleared the way for Arizona to enforce what critics have dubbed the “papers please” provision of the SB 1070 anti-illegal immigration law. While rejecting arguments on potential discrimination, the court did enjoin the “harboring” provision of the law.... Read more»6

U.S., Mexican leaders say old PRI is gone

The return to power of Mexico’s Institutional Revolutionary Party, or PRI, will not be accompanied by the corruption that used to plague the party, said Arturo Sarukhan, the Mexican ambassador to the U.S., and former New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson.... Read more»

Az delegates looking to boost Latino vote

Arizona’s delegation to the Democratic National Convention is organizing for stronger Latino voter participation. Members hope to attract more young people and capitalize on the promise of a platform that includes support for the DREAM Act.... Read more»2

Undocu-bus riders fault Obama on illegal immigration

After traveling from Arizona, the Undocu-bus and the dozens of illegal immigrants it carried is in Charlotte, N.C., for demonstrations calling for President Obama to do more to help those in the country illegally. Seven of those demonstrators are from Arizona.... Read more»4

John C. Scott Show

J.C. Scott: Tucson still in contention for F-35 training

Interviews with James Kelley, a GOP candidate for the Board of Supervisors, along with Don Loose, legal advisor to John C. Scott Show, and former GOP congressional hopeful Dave Sitton, who’s a member of the Pima County Sports Hall of Fame... Read more»


Gantiarabriela: Politics (and xenophobia)

Get Van Morrison on the phone – according to Gabby “I’m On the Inside Now, So Let’s Lock The Door” Mercer, his “Brown Eyed Girl” was probably a Middle Eastern terrorist spy.... Read more»3

Predictable primary: Few shakeups in party races

Most Southern Arizona races shaped up as expected in Tuesday’s primary election. Ron Barber will face Martha McSally in the general election, and Raul Grijavla will defend his seat against Gabby Mercer—who said reports of her remarks about Middle Easterners are “race baiting.”... Read more»11

Split court orders third sentencing in human smuggling case

A divided federal appeals court panel Monday ordered a third sentencing for the man who was driving a vehicle full of illegal immigrants that crashed during a 2006 chase, killing 10 people inside.... Read more»


3 reasons Brewer's order to stall DREAMers will hurt Az

While a close reading of Brewer’s order reveals that much of it is redundant to current law, this mean-spirited initiative from America’s most famously anti-immigrant governor will likely further tarnish the image of the Grand Canyon State while harming its economy.... Read more»2

Feds release deferred action application tips

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services released a list of tips Monday for those applying for deferred action status, along with a video on the process.... Read more»

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