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Feds ask El Paso shelters to house undocumented immigrants

As an influx of undocumented immigrants arrives in El Paso from the Rio Grande Valley, federal officials are looking for help from local shelters and immigrants' rights groups. ... Read more»

Senate panel weighs plan to rein in Border Patrol overtime

A Senate committee was urged Monday to fix the “hopelessly broken” overtime policy for Border Patrol agents, by boosting agents’ base pay but cutting any extra pay they would otherwise get for overtime hours.... Read more»

White House outlines plans to deal with surge of detained immigrant children

The White House on Monday outlined actions the government has taken in response to a recent influx of unaccompanied immigrant children that has burdened immigration facilities in Texas and led to some immigrants being transported to Arizona.... Read more»

Immigrant given sanctuary in Tucson church granted stay by feds

After nearly a month in sanctuary at a South Side Tucson church, Daniel Neyoy Ruiz was granted a stay in his deportation case Monday. Neyoy Ruiz, his wife Karla, and their 13-year old son have been living at Southside Presbyterian Church since May 13, when a removal order issued by Immigration and Custom Enforcement went into effect.... Read more»3

CBP ousts head of internal affairs

The head of internal affairs at U.S. Customs and Border Protection has been ousted over criticism that the department has failed to properly investigate complaints of abuses and excessive use of force. An FBI deputy director has been assigned to the agency with orders to aggressively investigate abuses cases.... Read more»

TPD to create database of SB 1070 checks

In the wake of a settlement agreement between South Tucson and the ACLU, the Tucson Police Department will establish a database to track calls to immigration authorities required by Arizona's SB 1070.... Read more»1

As Texas traffic grows, unaccompanied minor migrants drop in Az

The number of unaccompanied minors crossing the Southwest border has skyrocketed in the past year, but fewer of these immigrants are coming through Arizona, the most recent government figures show.... Read more»

Task force to address surge in child migrants crossing border

The increase of unaccompanied children caught crossing the Mexican border into the U.S. has prompted the Obama administration to create a multiagency task force to address the issue. ... Read more»

This is what it’s like to cross the U.S. border from Mexico

The story of a young woman named Lourdes is revealed through her Facebook posts.... Read more»1

Tucson bishop joins clerics in Capitol to push immigration reform

Bishop Gerald Kicanas joined five other bishops who prayed and then fanned out across Capitol Hill to urge House members to act on comprehensive immigration reform. Kicanas said believes there is "still a glimmer of hope" for reform this year, despite little time and looming elections. ... Read more»1

Sonoran Ramblings

Effective border wall: Information on ice

Watching CBP PIOs stall, hedge, misdirect and scheme via email left me with no doubt that keeping the public in the dark is an art of the highest order, as well as a talent for which we should all be grateful: if not for their deft non-disclosure, we might suddenly find ourselves weighed down by the unsettling knowledge of what precisely they are doing with billions of our dollars in the borderlands.... Read more»

South Tucson, ACLU settle racial profiling claim

South Tucson officials signed a comprehensive agreement Monday, revamping the city's policies on enforcing SB 1070, closing a racial profiling complaint filed last year by the ACLU on behalf of stopped by police.... Read more»

Indigenous Texans want UN support against border fence

A Native American tribe has added a new layer to the border wall debate. Lipan Apaches allege the fence discriminates against them because they've been forced to give up some tribal land to accommodate it. ... Read more»

Neyoy Ruiz remaining in sanctuary at Tucson church until immigration case closed

An illegal immigrant who sought sanctuary at a South Side church won't be immediately deported, officials said Thursday. But Daniel Neyoy Ruiz said that he and his family will remain at Southside Presbyterian Church until immigration officials close his case.... Read more»2

Border Patrol seize nearly $2 million in drugs over the past week

In less than a week, Border Patrol agents have seized nearly $2 million worth of marijuana. Agents also arrested 14 people, included two for drug smuggling and nine for being in the country illegally — including an Egyptian national. ... Read more»

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