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Grijalva: GOP driven by ideology on immigration

Comprehensive immigration reform could go down as one of the most overlooked, overdue priorities Washington has ever let slide. But whatever Republicans might want to tell themselves, it’s not just immigrants who care about it. “Sorry about your childhood, but don’t come back until we lose a few more elections” is not a serious policy.... Read more»2

Factcheck: Is Senate immigration plan 'amnesty'?

Opponents of a bipartisan Senate immigration plan say it includes “amnesty” for illegal immigrants, but that label is not strictly accurate. Although the plan includes a “path to citizenship,” it also requires illegal immigrants to pay a fine, pay back taxes, learn English and then get in line for permanent legal status behind other immigrants already in the system.... Read more»

Video: El Paso leaders: Commerce key to immigration reform

As lawmakers in Washington, D.C., wade into discussion of immigration reform, some El Paso leaders are urging them to include commerce considerations in their talks about safety and security on the southern border, including improvements at ports of entry.... Read more»

Obama, McCain to meet on immigration reform

President Barack Obama will meet with Sen. John McCain and other lawmakers working on a bipartisan overhaul of the country’s immigration system.... Read more»

Border Roundup: Immigration bill published amidst protests

Humanitarians along the border protested Operation Streamline; law enforcement reports meth (and chicken) seizures are up; rumors swirl around President Obama’s immigration bill and the possible shooting death of Sinaloa Cartel leader Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán... Read more»


Legal, civil rights groups urge a halt to Operation Streamline

Programs that fast-track illegal immigrants through the federal courts are costly, constitutionally questionable and are overburdening courts and should be done away with, civil rights and legal groups said Thursday.... Read more»1

Az Dems: SB 1070 harms individuals, economy

Republican leaders in the Senate and House are allowing Arizona’s people and economy to suffer by refusing to hear two bills that would repeal SB 1070, a Democratic state lawmaker said Thursday. Neither SB 1120, authored by Steve Gallardo, nor HB 2651, authored by Rep. Sally Ann Gonzales, D-Tucson, were heard in committee.... Read more»1

McCain in GV: Immigration reform requires secured border

Promoting immigration reform that requires more border security, including the deployment of fencing and technology used in Afghanistan and Iraq, U.S. Sen. John McCain spoke to an overflow crowd at a town hall in Green Valley on Tuesday.... Read more»

SB 1070

Immigration arrests spark TPD HQ protest

While Congress and the White House wrestle over the specifics of immigration reform, two men were arrested by Customs and Border Protection agents on Sunday afternoon, sparking a Monday protest in front of Tucson police headquarters. A traffic stop led police to call to determine the status of one of the men — an inquiry mandated by Arizona’s SB 1070.... Read more»2

Border town perspective on immigration reform

Republicans saw how poorly they fared among Latino voters in November and know they have more than a year until the next election cycle. Many in El Paso say those conditions make the timing right for Congress to pass comprehensive immigration reform with bipartisan support. (with video)... Read more»

Border Roundup: BP abuse allegations; agency email denies interviews

Lawmakers debate border security, Border Patrol faces scrutiny, reporters discuss immigration reporting and a glimpse into policies on deportation, driver’s licences and trade... Read more»

Torn apart by immigration laws, families make case to Congress

Americans whose spouses have been exiled for years as a result of strict immigration penalties took their plight to Congress on Thursday, begging legislators to help them as lawmakers discuss overhauling immigration laws.... Read more»

Hearing on driver's licenses for deferred action immigrants

Denying Arizona driver’s licenses to participants in the Obama administration’s deferred action program is setting up newly legal workers to break the law by driving anyway, an advocate told state lawmakers Thursday.... Read more»1

Norquist wants to 'unite center right' on immigration

Grover Norquist wants voters to know that Republicans are not the anti-immigrant party, and he thinks Texas can lead the conversation on immigration reform.... Read more»

Napolitano: Border secure, time to fix immigration system

Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano told a U.S. Senate committee Wednesday that the border is as secure as ever and it should not be an impediment to the comprehensive immigration reform.... Read more»1

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