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Judge: No 'emergency' to license detention centers

A district judge has ruled that the state of Texas can't claim an emergency to quickly grant licenses for two private detention centers holding undocumented immigrant families for the federal government.... Read more»

Texas asks for more time to respond to immigration appeal

The Texas Attorney General’s office is asking the U.S. Supreme Court for an extra 30 days to respond to the Obama Administration's appeal of lower court rulings that have blocked controversial changes in immigration enforcement.... Read more»

Border agents apprehend 5 from Pakistan, 1 Afghan near Patagonia

Border Patrol agents detained five Pakistani men suspected of being in the country illegally and another from Afghanistan on Monday near Patagonia. While Gov. Ducey jumped to comment, Homeland Security data shows that unauthorized immigrants from Afghanistan and Pakistan, not to mention Iraq and Syria, have been coming into the U.S. for a decade. ... Read more»

More Mexican immigrants leaving U.S than entering

More Mexican immigrants are leaving the United States than coming into the country, according to a new report. Data from the U.S. and Mexico show that from 2009 to 2014, an estimated 870,000 Mexican nationals left that country for the United States, outnumbered by the one million who returned to Mexico. ... Read more»1

Obama calls Trump's plan to deport illegal immigrants unrealistic

President Barack Obama said on Thursday that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump's plan for mass deportation of undocumented immigrants is unrealistic.... Read more»


Appeals court rejects Obama immigration programs

The fate of two Obama administration programs intended to shield the parents of Americans and lawful residents from deportation may hinge on a Supreme Court decision after a lower court again refused to remove an injunction keeping the program from going forward.... Read more»

5th Circuit keeps hold on Obama immigration plans

A three-judge panel of the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has once again ruled against the Obama administration’s controversial immigration program, upholding a lower court's injunction barring the plan from taking effect while awaiting the outcome of a full trial on the lawsuit's underlying arguments.... Read more»

Texas activists want action on immigration issues

While Texas activists push Democrats to go softer on immigrants in local jails, conservatives are pressing Gov. Greg Abbott to act now on reforms targeting "sanctuary" policies in cities and counties. ... Read more»

Mass release of U.S. prisoners spells deportation for hundreds

Almost a third of 6,000 federal prisoners scheduled to be freed between Friday and Tuesday will immediately be turned over to U.S. immigration authorities for deportation proceedings.... Read more»

Deportations are down, but fear persists for migrants

What can states and cities do to embolden unauthorized immigrants to come out of the shadows and report crimes, get driver’s licenses and tap into other services?... Read more»

Sonora police ID 4 of 7 tortured & killed on ranch near Az-Mexico border

Mexican authorities have identified four of the seven men found tortured and killed in a desert wash on a Sonoran ranch near the Arizona-Mexico border. Two were reportedly drug mules, while another was a coyote who guided migrants on illegal border crossings, officials said.... Read more»

7 men found dead, tortured on Sonora ranch near Az-Mexico border

The bodies of seven men, including one who was decapitated, were found Thursday just inside Sonora on the Arizona-Mexico border. The bodies were found near a ranch known as a staging ground for human smuggling, and officials told a Mexican reporter that the bodies showed signs of torture. One of the men was IDed by his family.... Read more»

Lawsuit aims to prevent licensing of Texas immigration detention centers

A watchdog group is suing the state agency charged with protecting the most vulnerable Texans, alleging the department fast-tracked a policy change that might help the federal government convince a federal judge to reverse her order shutting down two immigration detention centers in Texas.... Read more»


Judge denies emergency fix in Tx birth certificate case

A federal district judge Friday declined to order Texas officials to institute a temporary fix so children of undocumented immigrants born in the United States can get their birth certificates while a lawsuit filed by their parents is being tried. ... Read more»

ICE keeping ties with immigration bail company quiet, group alleges

The nation's top immigration agency won't hand over documents that purportedly will show whether it has a special relationship with a company that facilitates immigrant bail bonds, a civil rights group claims in court. ... Read more»

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