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Poll: Immigration reform and border security get equal weight

Americans’ attitude about border security and immigration reform have flipped since 2011, and increasingly border security may be taking a backseat to reform.... Read more»

Arizonans among those arrested at White House immigration rally

Herminia Gallego and Gerardo Torres have seen so many friends and family arrested on immigration charges that the Arizona residents decided it was time to take action – by getting arrested themselves.  They were among the 32 protesters arrested Monday outside the White House at a rally urging President Barack Obama to use his executive power to halt deportations of all immigrants.... Read more»

Guest opinion

The next 'wave' of concern will be gray, not brown

Just a few years ago, of course, our state gained international fame for its highly vocal stance – if a bit late and somewhat unconstitutional – against the wave of immigrants who were said to threaten our prosperity, burden our public budgets and fundamentally change our way of life. Turns out we might have been worrying about the wrong wave.... Read more»4

Court orders new sentence for Guatemalan caught re-entering U.S.

An appeals court ordered a new sentencing for a Guatemalan man who was caught trying to re-enter the U.S. in 2011 after being deported once for an earlier conviction in Delaware of a sex offense.... Read more»


Immigration reform: Disaster for agriculture or proof of brutality of current system?

A study released earlier this week by the American Farm Bureau Federation on the impact of various types of immigration reform on the agricultural sector wants the reader to conclude that an enforcement-only approach to immigration would mean economic disaster. But the agricultural industry only survives in its current form thanks to massive (albeit invisible) subsidy from a work force that cannot be described as free,... Read more»

Lawmakers see little hope for action on immigration reform

Another immigration reform plan was unveiled last week by House Republican leaders, but members may be reluctant to sign on during an election year. The six-point plan unveiled last week by House Republican leaders includes calls for tougher border security, a revamped visa system and “no special path to citizenship” for immigrants who are here illegally.... Read more»

Legal status, not citizenship, in GOP immigration plan

Congressional Republicans unveiled a set of guidelines for comprehensive immigration reform on Thursday, saying immigrants should have a path to legal status only after paying fines and passing background checks.... Read more»

Texas immigration activists arrested protesting Secure Communities

Travis County, Texas, sheriff’s deputies on Monday saw firsthand what immigration-reform activists hope will be a series of civil disobedience protests across that state. As part of a publicity campaign, a group of six activists blocked the exit gate at the Travis County Jail; they were arrested and will likely be charged with criminal trespass. The protesters hope the actions will prompt county officials to reconsider a controversial finger-printing initiative opponents say deports non-violent undocumented immigrants.

... Read more»1


Sonoran Ramblings: Immigration reform, BP use-of-force policies

In our immigration news roundup and border media criticism column, Sonoran Ramblings, we’re looking at the House GOP’s draft of immigration reform principles, newly released BP apprehension statistics, the agency’s use of force policy and an instance of BP community outreach missing the mark.... Read more»

CBP: Border apprehensions down 60 percent in 5 years

The number apprehensions of suspected undocumented border crossers is down 61 percent over five years, and down more than 82 percent since the highest marks were recorded in 2000, Customs and Border Protection said Thursday. 125,942 people were detained by Border Patrol agents in Arizona in 2013.... Read more»

Grijalva, House Dems call for 'cease fire' on deportations

Calling on the White House to use executive authority to expand a deferment program created in 2012, six congressional Democrats argued Monday that such a measure is necessary to deal with current immigrants and push Congress to action on the immigration reform measure passed by the Senate last year.... Read more»2


Sonoran Ramblings: DEA & the cartels, BP shootings, and yes, Bieber

In our immigration news roundup and border media criticism column, Sonoran Ramblings,we look at DEA meetings with high-level Sinaloa Cartel members, Border Patrol shootings and surveillance, and Justin Bieber’s recent spate of potentially deportable criminal allegations.... Read more»

Border residents demand end to Arivaca checkpoint

Citing rights violations and economic fallout from an I-19 checkpoint operated by the Border Patrol, residents of Arivaca marched to Tucson Sector HQ to announce a community program to watch border agents.... Read more»1

Homeland Security chief making first border visit

The head of the Department of Homeland Security is making his first visit to the U.S.-Mexico border since being confirmed. Jeh Johnson, sworn in less than a month ago, checked out the border in Texas on Tuesday, and spoke with border agents in Douglas on Wednesday morning, along with U.S. Rep. Ron Barber.... Read more»

Report: Mexicans who go home have less interest in returning to U.S.

More than half of Mexican immigrants who moved home do not intend to return to the U.S., a report said.... Read more»

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