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Willie Nelson: The red-headed exception

The authorities in Hudspeth County have realized what the rest of us have known for years: Before you start investigating the funny smell emanating from his tour bus, remember that he's Willie Nelson. The usual rules don't apply.... Read more»

Arresting Willie Nelson not sheriff's only claim to fame

When Willie Nelson got arrested for marijuana possession last week, he wasn't the only legend who figured in the story. Paunchy, Stetson-wearing Sheriff Arvin West, who put Willie in the local pokey, is a reigning symbol of the years-long fight over border security and immigration in Texas. ... Read more»

Valley of Death: Bolstering security as Mexican deaths continue

For decades, residents of impoverished Mexican border towns have toiled in the fields or in the giant factories of Juárez. Those seeking more than paupers’ wages worked for the cartels. Yet their communities remained peaceful until the horror of the drug war bled into the farmland.... Read more»

SB 1070 raises tensions in rural Texas

In Hudspeth County, where immigration issues are the stuff of daily life rather than political rhetoric, about 3,000 residents live just across the border from one of the most murderous regions of Mexico. County commissioners here passed a resolution supporting Arizona's new law aimed at cracking down on illegal immigration.... Read more»