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Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: TIA head says Tucson needs more non-stop flights

We get an update on the effort to bring more non-stop flights to Tucson International Airport from Dick Gruentzel. Plus, Rodney Glassman and a representative from Homicide Survivors.... Read more»

Ribbons at State of the Union honor Tucson shooting victims

Members of Congress have been asked to wear black and white Homicide Survivors lapel ribbons at Tuesday's State of the Union address to honor the victims of the Jan. 8 Tucson shootings. Radio talker Rush Limbaugh isn't joining in the bipartisan tribute.... Read more»1

Tucson shootings: How to help, where to get help

In the wake of the Jan. 8 shooting that killed 6 and injured 13 others, many charity funds and other ways to help in the community have been set up.... Read more»

Fund accepting donations to help shooting victims, families & witnesses

A fund to help victims of the Jan. 8 shooting rampage has been set up by Homicide Survivors, lnc., a local nonprofit victim services organization.... Read more»