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FactChecking the PBS Democratic debate

The sixth Democratic debate, and the second between only Clinton and Sanders, was hosted by PBS and held at the University of Wisconsin.... Read more»

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Factchecking Clinton’s Wall Street claim

Hillary Clinton claims Bernie Sanders “took about $200,000 from Wall Street firms” through the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. ... Read more»

FactChecking the 5th Democratic debate

FactCheck found several false and misleading claims in the debate between former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders.... Read more»

Factchecking Clinton's bipartisan boast

Former Sen. Hillary Clinton said she did not know of “a single Republican who didn’t cosponsor one of the bills that I worked on.” ... Read more»

FactCheck: Do polls show Trump can easily beat Clinton in November?

Donald Trump said he can beat Hillary Clinton in November, citing “so many” polls that show “we beat her and we beat her easily.” ... Read more»

Factchecking the 7th GOP debate

There was no Donald Trump, but plenty to fact-check in the last GOP debate before the Iowa caucuses.... Read more»


Spin shift on Bernie: The escalating media assault

For a long time, as he campaigned for president, a wide spectrum of establishment media insisted that Bernie Sanders couldn't win. Now they're sounding the alarm that he might. And, just in case you haven't gotten the media message yet — Sanders is "angry," kind of like Donald Trump.... Read more»2

Factchecking Clinton’s attack on Sanders’ health plan

The Clinton campaign has made a series of misleading attacks on Sen. Bernie Sanders’ health care plan, saying he wants to “dismantle Medicare” and private insurance and that he would turn over “your and my health insurance to governors.” Not exactly.... Read more»

Factchecking the 4th Democratic debate

Sunday showdown in South Carolina: Democrats highlight differences on health care, guns and more. ... Read more»

Guest opinion

Lies, damned lies and a useless media

Donald Trump is a liar. Sorry, Trumpeters, that's not my opinion; it's fact. Hillary Clinton is a liar. Sorry, Clintonistas, that's not my opinion; it's fact. And the mainstream media is useless. ... Read more»4

Clinton calls for an end to U.S. immigration raids

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton called on Monday for an end to raids by U.S. officials to deport undocumented Central American families, saying they were divisive and sowing fear in immigrant communities.... Read more»

FactCheck: Sorting out Obama’s gun proposal

Politicians have offered confusing and conflicting information on guns in the wake of the San Bernardino shootings and President Obama’s announced plans for tighter gun controls. ... Read more»

Factchecking Clinton’s shaky cost-shifting claim

Hillary Clinton claimed in the Dec. 19 debate that private insurance premiums have “gone up so much” in some states that didn’t expand Medicaid because hospitals shifted their costs for providing emergency care for the uninsured. ... Read more»

Democratic presidential candidates blast U.S. plan to deport families

The Obama administration on Thursday came under fire from Democratic presidential candidates and human rights groups for plans to intensify deportations of Central American migrants by rounding up undocumented families.... Read more»

FactCheck: Political 'whoppers' of 2015

It’s been a banner year for political whoppers. FactCheck gives you a generous sampling of the most far-fetched, distorted or downright fallacious claims made during 2015.... Read more»

Factchecking the third Democratic debate

The Saturday night showdown featured misleading claims on guns, the minimum wage and Wall Street. ... Read more»

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