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This year’s best reporting on education

From jaw-dropping pay and perks at universities to a $1-billion plan to purchase iPads, here are some of 2013’s best accountability stories in education.... Read more»

Mexico: Lack of university spots ‘cut short the dreams of so many’

Many of Mexico's college 'rejects' hail from working-class barrios or slumping rural villages. They're often the first in their family to reach for a university degree.... Read more»

Public universities ramp up aid for the wealthy, leaving the poor behind

Public colleges and universities were generally founded and funded to give students in their states access to an affordable college education. They have long served as a vital pathway for students from modest means and those who are the first in their families to attend college. But many public universities, faced with their own financial shortfalls, are increasingly leaving low-income students behind.... Read more»

Course load: The growing burden of college fees

Student fees have been something of a known irritant for years, often criticized as a kind of stealth, second tuition imposed on unsuspecting families. But such fees are still on the rise on many campuses. And though their names can border on the comical — i.e., the "student success fee" — there's nothing funny about how they can add up. ... Read more»1

Lawmaker wants to stop universitites, colleges from mandating vaccinations

Barring state universities and community colleges from requiring students to have immunizations would remove a roadblock to higher education for some Arizonans, a state lawmaker said.... Read more»


How far are we from making Dr. King’s dream a reality?

We will only realize Dr. King’s vision when every American has the chance to find a well-paying job, get health care when they get sick, and receive a quality education. The following numbers show how much work remains.... Read more»

Counselors: Stress from immigration laws hurts students

Strict immigration laws such as those passed in Arizona and Alabama cause stress for U.S.-born Latino students and those here illegally and can keep them from succeeding in college, a panel of psychologists and student counselors said Monday.... Read more»1

Latinos now outnumber blacks at college

The number of Latino students enrolled at U.S. colleges has surpassed the number of African American students on campus for the first time, researchers at the Pew Hispanic Center have found.... Read more»