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Health care debate

Obama hits the road for health care reform

President Obama will travel to Philadelphia on Monday to "try to persuade the public to back his plan to remake the nation's health care system, while also urging uneasy lawmakers to cast a 'final vote' for a massive reform bill in an election year."... Read more»

Canadian health care has a dirty secret

Canadians are rightfully proud of their health coverage. Except for the taxes they pay, the care they receive is free. In the U.S., health care is a commodity; in Canada, it's considered a human right. But this national pride hides a dirty little secret: The rich go south.... Read more»

Health care

Poll: Americans split on health care bills, but most frustrated by delays

As legislators prepared to debate health care at President Obama's "summit" on Thursday, a new tracking poll from the Kaiser Family Foundation finds Americans with mixed views on reform. ... Read more»

Health care reform

Obama's health care proposal

The proposal Obama will bring to his Thursday health 'summit' with Congressional leaders contains many of the ideas from the bills already passed by the Democratic House and Senate, including a mandate that individuals buy insurance and a promise to "end discrimination" from pre-existing conditions. The full text inside.... Read more»

Health care reform

How health care overhaul would affect the uninsured

As Democrats have pushed for a comprehensive overhaul of the country's health system, much of their plans and rhetoric have focused on providing coverage for America's uninsured. Here's a look at who they are.... Read more»

Health care

High-ranking House Democrat predicts health bill OK this year

Even as House Democrats turn their attention to jobs and the economy, House Education and Labor Committee Chairman George Miller predicted Thursday that Congress will pass health care overhaul legislation this year. ... Read more»

State of the Union

Obama 'won't quit' on agenda

President Obama vowed to continue his ambitious legislative agenda, despite the “tired old battles” that have marked his first year in office.... Read more»

Rep. Raúl Grijalva

Grijalva not reconciled to health care reform loss

Rep. Raúl Grijalva is pushing a plan for the Senate to pass the House health care reform bill with budget reconciliation, reports The New Republic. Reconciliation would only require 51 votes in the Senate, removing the threat of a filibuster. ... Read more»

What health care reform means for: the underinsured

Using results from a questionnaire we did with American Public Media’s Public Insight Network, we’re looking at how the proposed health care reforms will actually affect people facing common health care coverage situations. ... Read more»

Health care reform

White House backs away from health plan public option

Obama administration officials are signaling their willingness to compromise on a public plan option in any health reform proposal.... Read more»

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