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Kabul conference: Can Karzai take the reins?

After nearly nine years of frustrating engagement in Afghanistan, the foreign community appears eager to transfer responsibility to Kabul and go home. And at the Kabul Conference on Tuesday, that seems to be exactly what is happening.... Read more»

Taliban attacks rattle Afghan peace meeting

Taliban militants rained down rockets on Hamid Karzai's peace conference.... Read more»

Afghan leaders threaten Karzai's peace effort

As President Hamid Karzai puts the finishing touches on his National Consultative Peace Jirga, scheduled for this week, he is facing a growing domestic crisis that could easily derail the entire process.... Read more»

Afghanistan war

Peace Jirga hangs in balance of Karzai-Obama visit

As Afghan President Karzai goes off to Washington for what promises to be a cordial meeting with his U.S. counterpart, he will be closely watched by his countrymen, who are expecting him to bring home major concessions.... Read more»


Obama refocuses his diplomacy

Real diplomacy doesn’t happen to the sound of applause. In recent weeks, it seems Obama has come to understand this and has shown a change in the White House’s game plan when it comes to international affairs.... Read more»1

Afghans in for a 'wild spring'

Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai is now so focused on his own status that he is ready to sacrifice any pretense of fair play to perpetuate himself and his family at the center of the power.... Read more»

Comic: Kleptocracy

Karzai & Karzai

President Obama flies to Kabul to tell President Karzai that enough is enough. President Karzai replies, "But how much is enough? Really?"... Read more»

Afghanistan war

Trouble strikes Afghan peace talks

Former Taliban leader Mullah Abdul Salaam Zaeef is not an optimist when it comes to reconciliation with the Afghan government. Among the many reasons to be skeptical, he sees last month's arrest in Pakistan of a former brother-in-arms, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar.... Read more»

Afghanistan war

What comes after Marjah offensive?

As the wave of US-led Operation Moshtarak sweeps through Marjah, Afghanistan, local tribal leaders are scrapping for the spoils sure to follow.... Read more»


Afghan 'Battle of Marjah' might not live up to hype

Operation Moshtarak, or the Battle of Marjah, has been billed as the decisive operation of the Afghan war — think Stalingrad or the Battle of the Bulge. But after three days of listless fighting, the few dusty square meters in the middle of Helmand may not live up to the hype.... Read more»

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