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More dodges, weaves than jabs in Az gov debate

Updated with video: What's likely to be the only live gubernatorial debate in Tucson had the three candidates sticking more to their talking points than trading punches Thursday. Fred DuVal, Doug Ducey and Barry Hess answered questions for about 90 minutes, but none were caught against the ropes as they repeated their campaign pitches.... Read more»2

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Comic: Bermudez Shorts

Andrew Thomas: A campaign fueled by hate

Only in Arizona can people run a TV ad using bigotry and homophobia as possible gubernatorial virtues.... Read more»1

Weak tea: Last GOP governor debate before early voting a tepid affair

Five of six Republican candidates debated the cost of border enforcement and the use of National Guard troops to secure the border, and took shots at Doug Ducey for not attending the last two debates. While most of Arizona's GOP gubernatorial hopefuls have worked to attract Tea Party support, the discussion was neither strong nor heated.... Read more»

Jones, Babeu to talk border security in SaddleBrooke

Christine Jones, a candidate for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu will hold a border security town hall in SaddleBrooke on Monday night.... Read more»

Jones, Babeu to hold border security town hall

Christine Jones, a candidate for the GOP gubernatorial nomination, and Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu will hold a border security town hall in Tucson on Thursday night.... Read more»

Melvin backing Ducey in Az gov primary

Two weeks after his campaign melted down, state Sen. Al Melvin announced that he's supporting state Treasurer Doug Ducey in the Republican gubernatorial primary.... Read more»

Melvin exits gov's race, citing troubles qualifying for Clean Elections

GOP gubernatorial candidate Al Melvin is dropping out of the race, he announced Monday. The self-described Tea Party candidate said he did not expect to collect enough qualifying contributions quickly enough to receive public funding for his campaign before early voting begins July 31.... Read more»1

Lacking donations, Melvin sets deadline for campaign 'viability'

GOP gubernatorial candidate Al Melvin said that he will consider withdrawing from the primary race next week. "We are running out of time to qualify for Clean Elections funding," he said in a social media and email blitz.... Read more»

GOP gov candidates to joust in Saddlebrooke

Eight candidates seeking the nod as the Republican candidate for Arizona governor will make their pitches to the Saddlebrooke Republican Club next week. ... Read more»

Guest opinion

Steven Seagal is not running for governor, so stop talking about it

A throwaway comment by Steven Seagal that he thinks it might be fun to run for governor of Arizona has inspired much gnashing of teeth and rending of garments among your Facebook friends. Even ostensibly serious journalists have been chasing the story, giving the bloated action movie hack more ink than any of the actual candidates have received.... Read more»5

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Al Melvin on his run for governor

An interview with state Sen. Al Melvin (R-District 11), who is an unofficial candidate for Arizona governor. Also, we talked with Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller (R-District 1).... Read more»

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: Al Melvin talks about his run for Az governor

The Monday Political Face-Off featured commentators John Munger and Vince Rabago. Plus, an interview with state Sen. Al Melvin, who says he wants to be Arizona's governor.... Read more»

DuVal formally announces bid for governor

It's been an open secret for the last couple years that Fred DuVal would seek to be Arizona's next governor. The former member of the Board of Regents, a longtime Democratic player, assiduously lined up support for a bid and formed an exploratory committee in February. Wednesday, he publicly announced that he is indeed in the race.... Read more»


Up and atom! Politics (and nuclear waste)

Republican Arizona State Senator Al Melvin has established an exploratory committee to evaluate his chances for a successful run for the governor's office. One of the main planks of his platform appears to be the construction of nuclear waste processing facilities in Arizona. What could go wrong?... Read more»

Al Melvin to run for governor

Arizona hasn't had a governor from south of the Gila since Raul Castro in the mid-1970s. Three-term Republican Sen. Al Melvin of Saddlebrooke thinks he can change that, although the GOP primary field is already crowded.... Read more»1

Buckmaster Show

Buckmaster: 2014 Arizona governor's race underway

An interview with Fred DuVal, former member of the Arizona Board of Regents and possible Democratic candidate for governor in 2014. Then, Raj Kohli of Long Realty on the latest housing numbers, plus Keith Rosenblum, Buckmaster Show contributor on Mexico and the border, has an update from Sonora. And we close out the show with a conversation with Robert Graham, the new chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.... Read more»

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