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Critics: Safety takes a back seat in Senate bill on driverless cars

Consumer advocates are attacking a bill heading for a vote soon in the U.S. Senate that would clear legal obstacles for the deployment of driverless cars — a proposal that, critics say, lacks safeguards needed to protect the public and largely would let vehicle manufacturers regulate themselves.... Read more»

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CarPlay, Android less distracting than built-in auto infotainment, still not safe

Automakers have packed many of their new models with distracting infotainment features that allow drivers not only to play music and get directions, but to talk, text and use social media while tooling down the road. Now new research has found that two popular smartphone-based systems –Apple’s CarPlay and Google’s Android Auto – are somewhat simpler and safer to use than the built-in electronics.... Read more»

What the Devil won't tell you

Google Assistant coming for thousands of Tucson jobs

Artificial intelligence is an economic asteroid we can all see coming, so voters must question our civic leaders right now about that issue as the bot industry draws one of its first beads on a leading Tucson industry.... Read more»

Sunshine Week

Media groups push back after 'fake news' defined U.S. elections

One of the lessons of the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign is that many Americans could not distinguish between actual news stories and fabrications, leading to an environment in which damaging hoaxes spread across social media networks... Read more»

Google's Project Sunroof maps solar potential of your home

Do you live on the sunny side of the street? Tucsonans can quickly check out how their homes might benefit from adding solar panels with an online tool that uses the size and shape of your roof, nearby trees and weather patterns to estimate the costs and financial returns of going solar.... Read more»

Scottsdale’s GoDaddy confident as Google enters domain market

Google Inc. lifted its invite-only access this week to the software giant’s new domain-name service. What does that mean for Arizona-based GoDaddy?... Read more»

Immigration, net neutrality trigger heavy lobbying

Immigration, net neutrality and the right to channel a broadcast program using a tiny antenna have caused several companies to spend big in order to influence legislators this year.... Read more»

No warrant, no problem: How the gov't can get your digital data

The government isn't allowed to wiretap American citizens without a warrant from a judge. But there are plenty of legal ways for law enforcement, from the local sheriff to the FBI to the Internal Revenue Service, to snoop on the digital trails you create every day.... Read more»

Faith in Values

Political pluralism: How gov't can support conflicting religious beliefs

Christian scholars are exploring what is appropriate religious expression in a diverse society.... Read more»

Top U.S. corporations funneled $185 million to political nonprofits

The U.S. Supreme Court’s Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission ruling in 2010 did not, as some warned, unleash a flood of corporate money directly into elections. ... Read more»

Lawmaker: Arizona needs a law to be ready for driverless cars

Imagine a day when cars zip smoothly along while drivers, their hands nowhere near the wheel, blithely peruse their tablets and smartphones. It may sound like science fiction, but it’s a day one Arizona lawmaker says is fast-approaching.... Read more»

Google defies law enforcement, demands warrants for user data

Defying dated U.S. law, Google demands law enforcement demonstrate probable cause before turning over user data.... Read more»

Latin American nations push digital connectivity

Google is building an Internet data center and mobile providers are rolling out 4G networks, but that’s not all that’s in store for Latin America. ... Read more»

Comic: Technology

Killer app

Which would you rather have: an invisibility app, or a see-into-the-future app?... Read more»

How a lone grad student scooped the FTC

If it seems odd that a federal regulator was scooped by a sleep-deprived student, get used to it, because the federal government is often the last to know about digital invasions of your privacy.... Read more»

Why the FCC fined Google just 68 seconds in profits

The FCC Enforcement Bureau report announcing the fine against Google said the $25,000 level is designed "to deter future misconduct in view of Google's ability to pay." ... Read more»

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