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How voter access laws & passion brought people to the polls

Nationally, 53 percent of the citizen voting-age population voted in 2018, a 12-point bump from the previous midterms.... Read more»


GOP opposition to Obamacare baffles Dr. Sullivan

Former Department of Health and Human Services secretary, Louis Sullivan, says the Affordable Care Act resembles a plan crafted by Republicans in the early 1990s.... Read more»


Romney's Super Tuesday wins half-hearted

Turnout was so light for Super Tuesday, the vote appears less than convincing.... Read more»


Immigration: Staying put but still in the shadows

Have state anti-immigration bills led to an exodus of unauthorized migrants from the United States as restrictionists have promised?... Read more»1

Ga. executes Troy Davis

The state of Georgia executed Troy Davis late Wednesday night for the murder of an off-duty police officer in 1989, MSNBC reports. The execution came despite 11th-hour legal appeals and an international campaign to save an inmate many believed to be innocent. ... Read more»2

Georgia, Russia take fight to rugby field

Georgian Rugby Union President George Nijaradze said it's always a tough game between the teams despite friendly relations between the players because they are citizens of two rival countries.... Read more»